Teen stabbed boy to death at Bath party, detained 16 years

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  • Shane Cunningham, 16, sentenced to 16 years for fatal stabbing
  • Victim, Mikey Roynon, fatally stabbed at Bath house party
  • Two accomplices receive reduced sentences for manslaughter involvement

In June of last year, Shane Cunningham stabbed 16-year-old Mikey Roynon in the neck at a house party. Two of his companions received reduced sentences in restitution for their involvement in the homicide.

A juvenile will serve a minimum of sixteen years in prison for fatally stabbing another boy at a house party with a large hunting-style weapon.

Mikey Roynon, age 16, was fatally stabbed in the back of the neck in Bath in June of the previous year.

The perpetrator, a 16-year-old adolescent, is now identifiable as Shane Cunningham, following the judge’s decision to vacate an order prohibiting his identification.

Friday at the Bristol Crown Court sentencing, Mr. Justice Saini imposed a life sentence with a minimum mandatory 16-year custodial term prior to parole eligibility.

Following their acquittal from murder, his 16-year-old friends Cartel Bushnell and Leo Knight were found guilty of manslaughter, respectively. They were sentenced to nine years in prison and nine and a half years of juvenile detention.

Cunningham testified during the trial that he stabbed Mikey in self-defense after claiming to have swung a knife at his companions in the property’s garden.

Following a severe hemorrhage from a neck wound, Mikey collapsed on the driveway adjacent to the residence located at Eastfield Avenue, Weston.

Rapid dispatch of police, paramedics, and physicians to the scene failed to preserve his life.

Two of the weapons that the three defendants subsequently discarded after leaving the area were subsequently recovered by the police.

Despite the fact that their ages automatically afforded them anonymity in court, the judge determined that all three could be identified subsequent to an application to remove the restrictions.

In passing judgment, the judge lauded the “moving” victim statements and the dignity with which Mikey’s family conducted themselves throughout the proceedings.

He stated that Mikey was 16 years old and a juvenile on the day he was murdered. “His family has endured an unfathomable loss.”

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Mikey was poised for a prosperous musical career, and despite encountering numerous obstacles in his life, his prospects appeared bright.

He further stated that Bristol and its environs are “deep within a plague of knife crime,” which has “persisted” since the conclusion of this trial.

He added that individuals who also carry knives continue to claim the lives of boys who carry knives.

On Friday, in a statement read in court, Hayley Ryall, Mikey’s mother, stated that she awakens each morning with the same level of pain as the previous day.

She stated, “I keep having terrible dreams in which Mikey is lost and I am searching for him.”

However, even the most dreadful visions are preferable to awakening to reality.

He is, at least in my dreams, present when he is actually absent.

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