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Co-op profits drop; shoplifting hits record levels

The Co-op has reported a significant decline in annual profit for 2023, citing record levels of theft and competition from discount competitors. According to the group, Co-op encountered 336,270 retail crime incidents involving theft and antisocial behaviour in its stores in 2023, an increase of 44% from the previous year. The seventh largest supermarket conglomerate in the United Kingdom disclosed a pre-tax profit of £28 million for the fiscal year 2023, a decline from the £268 million earned in the previous year.

Top EVs of 2024: Standout electric cars expected this year

With the approaching prohibition on the sale of new petrol, diesel, and hybrid vehicles in 2035, electric vehicles (EVs) are anticipated to gain greater mainstream acceptance. With the implementation of the Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) mandate, which requires automakers to sell a growing proportion of EVs annually, manufacturers are compelled to introduce new, more cost-effective models for our consideration.

My home electric car charger never works

Aeon informed you that the issue with your home's electricity supply was "voltage fluctuation," so you arranged for Energy North West to monitor it. You contacted Utilities Alternative Dispute Resolution, a licenced ombudsman scheme that arbitrates disputes involving EV equipment, when this demonstrated that nothing was amiss.

Families lose riches in wills scandal; building societies must aid

Certain correspondences and electronic messages are so distressing to read that they provoke tears of anger or fury. They express apprehensions regarding the level of attention provided to loyal clientele of specific building societies and the City regulator's apparent need for more determination to safeguard consumers against financial misconduct.

Where do UK properties sell fastest and slowest?

According to research by Rightmove, Scotland is home to nine of the ten fastest-moving property markets in the United Kingdom. Local properties in Falkirk, located in the Central Lowlands, sell in an average of 26 days, which places them in close second place. In contrast, properties in the adjacent town of Larbert require 27 days on average to find a buyer.

Londoners’ car insurance costs over double Northern Ireland residents’

New data reveals the regions of the United Kingdom with the highest auto insurance premiums for youthful drivers, revealing the magnitude of the London premium in particular. Young drivers in Northern Ireland pay approximately £1,500 less for coverage than their London counterparts, according to research by Quotezone.

Help child save for £500,000 home: tips, taxes, investments

According to research conducted by real estate agent Lomond, a baby born today would require more than £500,000 to purchase their first property when they reach the age of 31, which is the mean age of first-time buyers. This is an increase from first-time purchasers' present mean house price, which stands at £237,655.

There are 600,000 more poor people, including 300,000 children

Approximately 600,000 low-income individuals, of which half were minors, fell into absolute poverty in 2023 despite receiving cost-of-living assistance from the Government. The Government initiated fixed payments to millions of households in 2022 as a response to the exorbitant cost of living and escalating energy expenses.

India bank ordered to reveal donor-recipient electoral bond data

A month prior to the country's general election, the State Bank of India (SBI) was ordered by the Supreme Court of India to disclose every detail of electoral bonds, including the unique codes that link donors to political parties. In India, the "electoral bonds" election funding system, which was in operation for seven years, permitted corporations and individuals to contribute to political parties without restriction or identification.

Jaguar I-Pace drivers lose cheap Octopus Energy charging

I-Pace owners are critical of Jaguar Land Rover and Octopus Energy for abruptly withdrawing JLR electric vehicles (EVs) from the charging application with only a few hours notice. Users who are "furious" have taken to I-Pace Forums over the past week to share emails they received from Octopus Energy informing them that, due to JLR software changes, their electric vehicle will no longer be compatible with intelligent Octopus Go for charging.

Energy firms won’t provide new smart meter displays

UK households can't monitor energy usage Suppliers deny new display requests British Gas revises policy after complaints The inability of households throughout the United Kingdom to monitor their energy consumption is due to the refusal of their suppliers to provide replacement in-home displays for their smart meters. According to information provided by readers...

Bitcoin price hits record highs at $72k

In mid-morning, the largest cryptocurrency in the world was trading at $71,700, an increase of 3.1% for the day and over 60% since the beginning of the year. Moreover, flows into recently introduced US spot Bitcoin ETFs, which have accumulated flows exceeding $106 billion since the beginning of the year, continue to fuel Bitcoin's momentum.

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Police threaten arrest of ‘openly Jewish’ man near pro-Palestine march

Last Saturday in London, the leader of the Campaign Against Antisemitism was prevented from crossing a road near a pro-Palestine demonstration. A supporter of antisemitism was threatened with arrest mere yards from a pro-Palestine march, with one Metropolitan Police officer characterising his presence as "antagonising."

G7 nations criticise Chinese funding for Russia’s weapons industry

The "strong concern" expressed by foreign ministers of the Group of Seven (G7) nations regarding transferring weapon components and materials from Chinese enterprises to Russia in preparation for its military offensive in Ukraine has been documented. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken exhorted his counterparts on Friday at a meeting on the Italian island of Capri to increase pressure on China, which the United States accuses of assisting Russia's war effort by supplying critical components for weaponry.

Israel’s attack on Iran: Crisis demonstrates Iran-Israel miscommunication

The Israeli assault on Iran did not elicit the severe reaction that Western leaders, including US President Joe Biden, had anticipated. They have been advocating for Israel to establish a clear boundary in the perilous sequence of occurrences that commenced on April 1 with the assassination of a senior Iranian general in Damascus by Israel. The conflict in Gaza has persisted for over six months after the Hamas assaults on Israel, and it has extended to the vicinity encompassing the Lebanon-Israel border and the Gulf.

Saga boosted by ocean and river cruise demand

New results indicate that Saga's cruise and travel divisions returned to profitability in 2018 due to a significant increase in demand. According to preliminary annual results, the group's ocean cruise division generated an underlying pre-tax profit of £35.5 million in the year ending in January, compared to a loss of £700,000 in the prior year. The organisation stated, "Bookings for ocean cruises continue to be exceptionally robust, and we have already secured a 78% load factor and £3,679 per diem for 2024/25."