People revolted by ‘waffle stomping’ shower habit revelation

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  • Medical experts denounce ‘waffle stomping’ as unhygienic and risky
  • Practice exposes individuals to harmful bacteria, infections like E. coli
  • Social media reacts with shock and disgust, calls for action

Social media users were appalled to discover that ‘waffle stomping’ was deemed ‘unhygienic’ and ‘an error’ by medical professionals.’  

Andrew Carpenter, an Australian attorney, recirculated a Reddit post in which a man describes his wife’s revolting bathing habit, sparking considerable online discussion. 

The male stated in the original 2022 post that their wife poops in the shower and then stomps it down the drain. ‘This is no comedy.’  

The user wrote, “She even broke the news to me while laughing.” “Are you aware of what a waffle stomp is?” she inquired as she sobbed uncontrollably to the point of tears. I am abated and feel betrayed. 

Due to the risk of severe bacteria and infections such as E. coli, salmonella, and norovirus, physicians criticized the practice.  

Dr. Stuart Fischer, a New York-based specialist in internal medicine, “This is both unhygienic and improper from a medical and cosmetic standpoint.”  

A study conducted in 2020 by QS Supplies examined the lavatory practices of one thousand Britons and Americans, including the frequency of their bathing.  

An astonishing one in thirty individuals also confessed to waffle stomping, in addition to one in three claiming to urinate in the shower.  

Dr. Fischer noted that waffle trampling constitutes contact with a variety of harmful pathogens, in addition to being “ridiculous.” These are capable of penetrating the foot via toenails and open lesions, thereby causing infections.  

E. coli is a prevalent bacterium that is detectable in excrement, given its habitat in the intestinal tracts of both humans and animals. While many strains of E. coli are non-pathogenic, others, including those that produce Shiga toxin, can cause infection.  

The infection manifests with the following symptoms: fever, diarrhoea, abdominal discomfort, vomiting, and nausea.  

A kidney condition known as hemolytic uremic syndrome may develop in certain patients. This can result in kidney failure and mortality if not treated.  

Furthermore, faeces have been found to harbour salmonella and norovirus, the leading causes of foodborne infection in the United States.   

‘Human feces contain an abundance of bacteria that can be fatal in certain individuals,’ Dr Fischer stated.  

“This is unequivocally an error.”  

He further stated that vigorous scouring would be required to remove bacteria from the surface of a waffle stomper’s foot, which could cause the bacterium to remain for several days or weeks.

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Constantly, we must make ethical decisions regarding our health. “Even while in the shower,” stated Dr. Fischer.  

Users of social media were appalled upon discovering waffle trampling.  

“Divorce and restraining order,” an Instagram user by the name of ana_gwugwu commented on a repost by Mr Carpenter.  

“Does she simply do it while in the shower, or does she do it specifically in the shower?” inquired Paige Gregory. 

Shana Mamay stated, “That is the most revolting thing I’ve ever heard.”   

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