Taser arrest after Billy Vunipola said he didn’t know when to stop drinking

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Billy Vunipola, fined for resisting police in Mallorca bar
Saracens caution Vunipola after altercation; RFU misconduct charge possible
Vunipola admits struggles with alcohol, apologizes for behavior

Explaining the circumstances surrounding his detention in Mallorca, Billy Vunipola acknowledged that he struggles to “know when to stop” drinking. 

Following an expedited trial in which he was fined €240 (£205) for resisting the law by declining to leave a bar in Palma in the wee hours of Sunday morning, the England No. 8 issued a public apology. 

Saracens have issued a warning to Vunipola, who was twice tasered by Spanish police, regarding his conduct; however, the Rugby Football Union may still file a charge of misconduct against him. 

The 31-year-old disclosed that he had consumed alcohol for the first time since August 2022 in preparation for his departure from Saracens this summer, which would mark the conclusion of his final team-building excursion. 

“The reason I abstained from drinking for such a long time is because I simply do not know when to stop,” Vunipola explained to the Daily Mail. “I have never been much of a casual drinker. As soon as I consume alcohol, I am likely to forget what I just did. 

“I stopped for that reason, and I had a drink last weekend, because it was my last trip ever with the boys, and I wanted to savor every moment of it.” However, I went too far. 

“I’ve been a member of the club for eleven years, and even though I frequently engage in foolish behaviour, they seem to embrace and forgive me for who I am. I believe this is because they are aware that I am prone to impulsive behaviour and rebellion. 

Vunipola maintained that he has no recollection of being asked to exit Epic bar by security after removing his top, an action that prompted the police to be called. Furthermore, he denied engaging in any menacing conduct toward other revellers.

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The 20-stone forward stated that a minor injury sustained by one of the officers occurred unintentionally while he was struggling with a zip tie being fastened to his wrists. He was standing unaffected by the initial taser discharge for one second before collapsing, as captured on video. 

“I have two scars on my person. Someone informed me that individuals with slightly more linen are marginally less affected by Tasers than those with more muscle. “I suppose I was fortunate to have a little more stomach because I didn’t feel it as much!” he exclaimed. 

“Even while I was on the ground, they were astounded that I retained the strength to resist them rather than fight them, which is precisely what I was executed for.” 

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