Zara Tindall warmly welcomes King Charles at Windsor Horse Show

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  • King Charles warmly greeted by niece at Windsor Horse Show
  • Monarch returns to public duties after cancer diagnosis
  • Palace confirms King’s ongoing treatment for undisclosed cancer strain

The monarch grinned as his niece welcomed him to the Royal Windsor Horse Show, an occasion that his late mother, the Queen, greatly cherished. 

As he returned to public duty after being diagnosed with cancer, the King was observed grinning as he accepted an embrace from his niece Zara Tindall at the Royal Windsor Horse Show. He was on official business at the time. 

Charles, who disclosed an indeterminate form of cancer in February, visited the renowned equestrian attraction for the third time this week to tour the establishment, an occasion that his late mother, the Queen, used to relish. 

He was spotted earlier this week at a Macmillan Cancer Centre, where he disclosed his diagnosis had been a “shock” and held the hands of patients. 

That was his first public appearance since physicians advised him to refrain from public duties while undergoing cancer treatment. 

When queried how he was feeling upon his arrival at the center for the visit, the monarch responded, “Much better, thanks.” 

Friday at the Horse Show, despite the persistent rain, Charles was ecstatic to be embraced by his niece, Mrs. Tindall, and could not help but smile. 

The palace stated last Friday that the confirmation that the King could resume some public-facing responsibilities had “greatly encouraged” him.

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However, sources emphasized that the King continues to receive treatment for an undisclosed strain of the disease and that he still has cancer. 

The palace has refrained from providing further details regarding the King’s ailment, except to say that it is not prostate cancer. This clarification was issued after his hospitalization for treatment of an enlarged prostate. 

The King engaged in a conversation with a patient undergoing chemotherapy at the Macmillan Centre. He expressed to the patient, “It’s always a bit of a shock when they tell you,” further adding, “I have my treatment this afternoon as well.”

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