Scottie Scheffler’s US PGA Championship arrest charges dropped

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  • Charges against golfer Scottie Scheffler dropped by prosecutors
  • Arrest deemed misunderstanding; Scheffler unaware of officer’s identity
  • Scheffler expresses no animosity, emphasizes tragic context

Prosecutors have dropped the charges against Scottie Scheffler, the world’s top-ranked golfer, as verified on Wednesday.

According to Kentucky’s NewsRadio 840 WHAS, Scheffler and the Louisville Metro Police Department have reached an agreement in which they will refrain from pursuing any legal action in connection with his arrest at the US PGA Championship earlier this month.

In a court hearing on Wednesday, Jefferson County Attorney Mike O’Connell verified that the case would not proceed.

“My office is unable to proceed with the prosecution of the charges filed against Mr. Scheffler due to the comprehensive nature of the evidence,” stated O’Connell. “The evidence supports Mr. Scheffler’s assertion that this was a huge misunderstanding.” The conclusion that Detective [Bryan] Gillis was concerned for public safety at the site when he initiated contact with Mr. Scheffler is supported by the evidence we reviewed. Nevertheless, the actions of Mr. Scheffler and the evidence that surrounded their exchange during this misunderstanding do not meet the criteria for any criminal offenses.

In the early hours of May 17, Scheffler was apprehended while attempting to access Valhalla Golf Club, the location of the tournament. A pedestrian was struck and killed by a shuttle vehicle, resulting in the cessation of traffic outside the course.

The arrest citation indicates that Scheffler failed to comply with the command of arresting officer Bryan Gillis to halt, and the detective seized the golfer’s vehicle as he attempted to flee. Gillis plummeted to the earth.

Consequently, Scheffler was confronted with charges of felony second-degree assault of a police officer, third-degree criminal mischief, reckless driving, and disregarding signals from an officer conducting traffic.

Scheffler was released from prison in time to participate in his second round. Scheffler, a four-time winner on the PGA Tour this season, was the clear pre-tournament favorite. He secured a tie for eighth place with a score of 13 under par.

His department subsequently disciplined Gillis for failing to activate his body-worn camera during the arrest.

Nevertheless, a new video was released on Wednesday, capturing Scheffler’s conversation with an officer while seated in the rear of a police car. In the video, Scheffler stated that he was unaware that a man donning a yellow jacket and attempting to obstruct him, who is likely Gillis, was a police officer. Scheffler also claimed that the officer struck him with a flashlight.

Scheffler stated, “I would have been considerably less apprehensive if I had been aware that he was a police officer.” “However, a sense of panic began to develop.” As you can observe, I continue to shake as a result of my fear. I was unaware of his identity. He did not issue the command, “Police, exit the vehicle.” He struck me with his flashlight and shouted, “Exit the vehicle.”

Steven Romines, Scheffler’s Louisville-based attorney, had previously stated that Scheffler would not accept a plea bargain and would plead not guilty at his arraignment on June 3.

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Following the news that the charge had been withdrawn, Scheffler expressed his satisfaction with the decision to move on from the incident in an Instagram story.

“I harbor no animosity towards Officer Gillis.” Scheffler wrote, “I am eager to move forward and put this incident behind me, and I trust that he will do the same.” The position of a police officer is challenging, and I hold them in the highest regard. This was a grievous miscommunication in a chaotic situation.

Scheffler also wrote about John Mills, the pedestrian who was slain on the morning of the golfer’s arrest.

“I am grateful for the assistance provided over the past two weeks and would like to reiterate my call for all individuals to reflect on the genuine tragedy of May 17,” Scheffler stated. “My thoughts and prayers are still with John Mills and his family, and I am eager to extend my sympathies now that the case has concluded personally.”

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