Person dies at Schiphol trapped in aircraft engine

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  • Person dies trapped in aircraft engine at Schiphol
  • KLM assisting witnesses; investigation underway
  • Schiphol calls incident “horrible,” expresses concern

The tragedy was described as “horrible” by the airport, and KLM stated that it was “taking care” of passengers and employees who witnessed the incident.

A person has passed away at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam as a result of being trapped in an operating aircraft engine, according to the police.

According to the Dutch airline KLM, the aircraft was scheduled to depart for Billund, Denmark, on flight KL1341.

The company issued a statement stating, “We are currently assisting the passengers and employees who were present at Schiphol during the incident.”

KLM further stated that “the circumstances are currently being investigated.”

Dutch media reported the person’s death to have occurred while the aircraft’s engine was operating, suggesting that the plane was preparing to take off.

A spokesperson stated that a Royal Military Police investigation has not yet determined the individual’s identity.

The spokesperson further stated that it was premature to determine whether this was an “incident” or a form of suicide.

Additionally, he stated that all passengers and crew members, including numerous witnesses to the incident, had safely evacuated the aircraft.

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Schiphol Airport, in a post on X, described the incident as “horrible” and expressed concern for the passengers and colleagues who witnessed it. They also expressed solidarity with their relatives.

Schiphol’s website indicates that the flight to Billund, which was initially scheduled to depart at 2:25 p.m., departed at 2:59 p.m.

In June of last year, a Texas airport worker passed away after being “ingested” into an engine at San Antonio International Airport.

In January 2023, another laborer in Alabama was entangled in an engine.

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