A ‘horrific’ sword assault in north-east London kills a 14-year boy

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  • Teen killed, four injured in east London sword attack
  • Suspect arrested 22 minutes after initial emergency call
  • Authorities praise emergency responders; incident not terrorism-related

A fourteen-year-old boy was fatally wounded and four others were injured in east London due to an assault by a man brandishing a sword; two police officers received severe injuries. 

Tuesday shortly before 7 a.m., the Metropolitan police were dispatched to Thurlow Gardens, near the Hainault underground station, “on reports of a vehicle being driven into a house.” At that time, the man, 36, was reportedly apprehended. 

It is then believed that the man wounded individuals in and around the tube station during an incident that lasted approximately twenty minutes. 

Metropolitan police reported that the suspect was apprehended 22 minutes after the initial 999 emergency contact following a Tasering operation. 

According to locals, the sound of cries and shouts, followed by the rapid approach of several emergency vehicles, awoke them. 

Police are examining whether the suspect has a prior record of mental illness. 

Ch Supt Stuart Bell stated, “Today’s occurrences are genuinely horrifying. “I cannot fathom the depths of emotion that those affected must be experiencing.” 

“It is with profound sorrow that I confirm that one of those injured in the incident, a [14-year-old] boy, has passed away as a result of his injuries,” Bell confirmed. 

He was sadly transported to the hospital shortly after being stabbed and passed away thereafter.” The family of the child has been receiving assistance from my local officers, who have since been joined by specialized officers. 

Two police officers sustained “significant” injuries, according to Bell, which necessitated surgery but was not life-threatening. Two of the three injured members of the public, according to Bell, remained hospitalized. 

The “incredible bravery” of emergency personnel who raced to the scene was commended by him. 

The Metropolitan Police stated, following an investigation by specialized detectives, that it did not believe the incident was related to terrorism and that the suspect acted alone. 

A man was captured on mobile phone footage of the incident wielding a long, sword-like knife while clad in casual attire. 

During the morning rush hour, the Hainault underground station was closed due to the incident. 

According to the police, a vehicle was allegedly driven into a residence. Subsequently, a man launched a succession of marauding assaults utilizing a sword, ostensibly selecting his victims at random. 

A black van was spotted on Laing Close with a damaged front window and exposed rear doors. 

A Laing Close resident reported seeing a man flourishing a sword while standing outside her residence near a corpse, in the presence of two unarmed police officers and an ambulance. 

“He was attempting to attack the police with his sword when they sprayed him, at which point he fled,” she explained. “He was yelling, ‘Do you believe in God?'” at both the police and the ambulance personnel. 

“We were terrified and desperately tried to conceal ourselves through the window, as he was standing directly in front of our house.” 

At approximately 7:00 a.m., another witness reported hearing screams before spotting a man in yellow leaping over some fences. 

“I perceived shouting and shrieking, and I wondered who would be shrieking at this hour of the morning.” The shrieking resembled that of the police when they make an order for someone to halt or get down on one’s knees; the sound was comparable. It was along the lines of, “Stop where you are, put that down, put that down,” and the like. 

“As the noise emanated from the rear, I peered through the rear window and observed a man clad in yellow leaping over a few fences… He then descended an alley as if he were returning to the street. 

“I observed a copper and a woman, both dressed in short-sleeved shirts and standard copper attire, pursuing him while yelling at him to cease.” 

The incident occurred forty-eight hours before the start of voting in the London mayoral election, where crime is a major concern. 

Bell stated, “I am certain that many in London, the local and broader community, and the families of those involved will be curious as to the cause of this heinous incident.” 

“And as such, it is our responsibility to ascertain that, which we shall do.” Please be patient as this critical task is executed; I am fully dedicated to delivering the requested responses at our earliest convenience. 

Rishi Sunak, the prime minister, stated, “This is an alarming occurrence. Those who have been impacted and their families are in my thoughts. I would like to extend my gratitude to the emergency services for their continuous assistance and commend the police officers present at the location for their exceptional valor. “Our streets have no place for such violence.” 

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Sadiq Khan, the mayor of London, stated, “The news from Hainault this morning has devastated me beyond all understanding. I maintain ongoing correspondence with the commissioner. The area has been secured following the detention of a man. No additional suspects are being sought by the police about this incident. Additional reassurance patrols will be deployed in the vicinity. 

“I extend my deepest gratitude to the police officers and emergency services for exemplifying the finest qualities of our city by rushing towards peril in order to safeguard others.” 

James Cleverly, the home secretary, stated, “I am consistently provided with updates regarding the occurrence at Hainault station this morning. I extend my sincere condolences to all those impacted and extend my gratitude to the emergency personnel. I would urge individuals to refrain from speculating or sharing footage online and to contact the police with any pertinent information. 

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