Peter Andre talks 90s hair and kids’ reaction to music

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  • Andre credits success to collaboration with renowned female musician
  • Iconic sleeveless dance in “Mysterious Girl” video conceived by Andre
  • Children proud but critical of Andre’s iconic music video

The singer attributes much of his industry success in the 1990s to his collaboration with one of the most prominent female musicians in the world.

Peter Andre asserts that he conceived the renowned sleeveless lagoon dance for his hit single Mysterious Girl from the 1990s.

“While we were climbing up a waterfall for the music video for the worldwide hit, I said to my companions, ‘Guys, this looks like a great location,’ because I was involved in developing this entire image”.

As a result, I ascended in my jeans and surveyed the location, thinking, “Start filming here; this appears to have excellent lighting.”

The re-release of the 1995 reggae/dancehall track featuring rapper Bubbler Ranx the following year peaked at number two in the United Kingdom after reaching the top 10 internationally.

The music video, shot in Thailand, features an undressed Andre performing and singing while wearing an unidentified pair of trousers and a belt. The setting includes a beach, a lagoon, and a waterfall.

Andre, who is now the father of five, reports that his children have viewed the video and are “proud,” adding, “However, a few of them have also given it the eye… to be honest with the video.”

In April 2015, Andre and Doctor Emily MacDonagh welcomed their third child. He is the guardian of four additional children: Theo, aged seven, and Amelia, aged ten, both of whom he has a shared custody arrangement with MacDonagh; Princess, aged sixteen, and Junior, aged eighteen, are among those he has with his ex-wife, Katie Price.

Andre expresses longing for his slicked-back curtain hairstyle, which was highly fashionable during that era: “I wish I had maintained it.”

Since the 1980s, music videos have declined.

Andre, in reflecting on the evolution of the music industry and reminiscence, asserted unequivocally that times have indeed changed. “I believe the 1980s were the height of video popularity; thereafter, there was a slight decline of sorts.” “I believe the 1990s were a popular decade, but videos have become less effective since then.”

He further stated, “In the 1980s, in particular, superstars were superstars.”

Upon hearing Madonna on the radio, one could easily identify her. When Michael Jackson’s name appeared on the radio, one could easily identify him.

Presently, there are excellent tracks available; however, one cannot discern the identities of the artists involved unless they actively participate in social media discussions. It is therefore a different period.”

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“People would wait to go to the store and buy a record because it would be such a momentous occasion,” he claims, “those days are long gone.”

Recently, he admitted, his children were completely perplexed when he showed them a VHS tape, which was the norm for capturing television and film in the 1970s and 1980s. They asked him, “What is that?”

When asked about his achievements in the industry, Andre primarily attributes it to collaborating with one of the most renowned female musicians globally.

He stated, “I can only be thankful for what transpired in my life, because my first major engagement was touring with Madonna in Australia in 1993.

I performed as the opening act and the only performer on the Girly Tour in Australia… And then, after selling out arenas in Australia as an unknown, I arrived in England, and it was insane.

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