After being shot many times, Slovakian prime minister Robert Fico is in critical condition

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  • Slovakia PM Robert Fico critically injured in assassination attempt
  • Fico undergoing surgery after being shot multiple times
  • Suspect arrested; motive suspected to be political

Mr. Fico was assaulted after he departed from a meeting; five shots were discharged, and an individual was discovered covered in blood. The government of Slovakia declares the incident an “attempted assassination” and warns that the coming hours are crucial.

Following multiple gunshot wounds, the prime minister of Slovakia is undergoing surgery and is fighting for his life.

Robert Fico was transported by airlift to the hospital, while a 71-year-old suspect was apprehended at the location.

The attack occurred in Handlova, approximately 85 kilometres (136 miles) from the capital, Bratislava, on Wednesday afternoon, following a gathering at a cultural center.

A “clear political motivation” was alleged by the interior minister of Slovakia for the assault, while local television reported that Mr. Fico was struck in the stomach.

The 59-year-old was airlifted from a local hospital to Banska Bystrica, a more expansive facility.

A post on Mr. Fico’s Facebook stated, “The outcome will be determined within the next few hours.”

On Wednesday evening, the prime minister remained in surgery, according to the country’s defence minister, who characterized his condition as “extraordinarily severe.”

Outside the hospital, Interior Minister Matus Sutaj-Estok informed reporters that the assailant had discharged five rounds.

Diary N, a local news outlet, was informed by two witnesses of the exact instant the shooting occurred.

One stated, “I was just about to shake his hand.”

“I almost went deaf when the gunfire began,” said the other, who declined to provide her name.

She reported that three to four shots were fired, and Mr. Fico collapsed to the ground while covered in blood from his head and torso.

Other witnesses stated that as he approached a crowd of supporters, the gunman addressed the prime minister with a friendly moniker.

According to the Slovak media, he formerly worked as a security officer and authored poetry collections.

Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden, among other world leaders, have immediately condemned the attack.

It was referred to as a “vile attack” by the head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, and as “shocking” by the prime minister of the Czech Republic, Petr Fiala.

Olaf Scholz, the leader of Germany, expressed his astonishment at the news of the cowardly assassination attempt on Slovakian Prime Minister Fico.

No position should be given to violence in European politics.

Donald Tusk, the prime minister of Poland, wrote on X: “Shocking news from Slovakia. “My thoughts are with you, Robert, during this extremely trying time.”

Mr. Fico has served as prime minister of Slovakia three times and is a political stalwart in the nation.

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Nonetheless, he is a figure of contention, as his more empathetic position toward Russian President Vladimir Putin and views on LGBTQ rights have been criticized by many.

He won the September elections on the platform of an anti-American and pro-Russian stance.

President Putin described the murder of Mr. Fico as a “heinous” offence that lacked “any justification.”

He wished him “a rapid and complete recovery” via Telegram, adding: “I am aware that Robert Fico is a courageous and determined individual.

I earnestly desire these attributes to assist him in enduring this arduous circumstance.

President Joe Biden of the United States expressed his condolences “to his (Fico) family and the people of Slovakia.

We strongly denounce this horrendous act of violence. “Our embassy is in close communication with the Slovak government and stands ready to assist,” reads a statement.

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