Israelis order mass evacuation of Gazans from Khan Younis

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  • Israeli army orders Khan Younis evacuation
  • Gaza hospital chief released after detention
  • Netanyahu claims near defeat of Hamas

The chief of Gaza’s central hospital, al Shifa, has been released by Israeli authorities. Mohammed Abu Selmia claimed that he and other captives were subjected to terrible conditions and abuse.

The Israeli army has ordered a massive evacuation of Palestinians from the eastern side of Khan Younis in southern Gaza.

Israel completed its offensive in the city earlier this year and evacuated the majority of its forces, but this suggests that troops may soon return.

Much of Khan Younis was devastated in a lengthy assault earlier this year, but many Palestinians have now returned to avoid another Israeli offensive in Gaza’s southernmost city, Rafah.

It comes as Benjamin Netanyahu claims Israel is nearly finished dismantling Hamas‘ military capabilities in Gaza.

The IDF’s current military onslaught has killed 37,900 Palestinians and injured more than 87,000, according to Gaza’s Hamas-run health ministry.

Residents of many communities in eastern Khan Younis reported receiving audio messages from Israeli phone numbers asking them to vacate their homes.

The Israeli military stated on Monday that missiles fired into Israel came from the Khan Younis area.

Islamic Jihad, an ally of Hamas, both of which are funded by Iran, said its fighters fired rockets at various Israeli communities near the Gaza border.

The Israeli military reported that the volley of around 20 rockets resulted in no injuries.

Also on Monday, Israel released al Shifa, the director of Gaza’s largest hospital, after seven months of detention.

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Following his release, Mohammed Abu Selmia said that he and other captives were subjected to terrible conditions and abuse.

He was detained without indictment or trial on suspicions that the facility had been utilised as a Hamas command centre, which he and other Palestinian health authorities have disputed.

“Our detainees have been subjected to all kinds of torture behind bars,” he informed me.

“There was almost daily torture.”

He claimed that guards used batons and dogs to beat him, breaking his finger and causing his head to bleed.

There was no immediate response from the prison service, which has repeatedly disputed similar allegations.

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