Israel says four Gaza detainees slain, increasing truce pressure

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  • Four Israeli captives in Gaza confirmed killed during air raids
  • Pressure on Netanyahu for a ceasefire intensifies
  • Biden advocates a ceasefire with a three-phase plan

Israel has verified that four of the captives in Gaza were presumably killed during air raids on the enclave.

The Israeli military, in a statement released late on Monday, stated that the four men were believed to have perished in southern Gaza several months ago. The news is expected to exacerbate the pressure on Israel’s government to negotiate a ceasefire with Hamas.

Chaim Peri, 79, Amiram Cooper, 84, Yoram Metzger, 80, and Nadav Popplewell, 51, who Hamas was holding together, were slain while its “forces were operating in Khan Younis,” according to spokesman Daniel Hagari. The military declined to provide further details, citing a continuing investigation.

Hamas published a December video in which Peri, Cooper, and Metzger begged for their release. Israeli air assaults resulted in the deaths of the three, according to the Palestinian group’s March report.

In a video that appears to have been published subsequent to his death, Popplewell was observed in May.

Pressure point

The news of the men’s deaths will intensify the pressure on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to negotiate an agreement that would result in the release of the remaining captives.

It is believed that approximately 80 of the some 240 persons who Palestinian groups abducted during the October 7 assaults on Israel are still alive in Gaza, according to an Israeli tally. The enclave is believed to contain the remains of 43 individuals.

Nevertheless, the Israeli leader is also being pressured by hardliners in his coalition government to continue the war, in addition to the furious demands that he agree to a truce to secure the release of the captives.

This has resulted in uncertainty regarding Israel’s strategy for resolving the conflict.

In his most recent endeavour, US President Joe Biden is advocating for a ceasefire agreement, which he asserts was proposed by Israel. He alleges that the deal has the potential to result in a perpetual cessation of hostilities if the initial phases are successfully executed.

The three-phase plan encompasses the following:

  • The return of the remains of deceased captives
  • The withdrawal of Israeli forces from Gaza
  • A substantial increase in humanitarian aid to the Strip
  • A roadmap for its reconstruction

Additionally, prisoners will be exchanged for the remaining captives.


Nevertheless, Netanyahu has maintained that the military will persist in its efforts to “destroy” Hamas, and the uncertainty surrounding the proposal announced by Biden is increasing.

Al Jazeera was informed by Sultan Barakat, a professor of public policy at Hamad Bin Khalifa University, that the situation regarding the proposed roadmap is “extremely perplexing.”

“Biden has announced that some Israelis believe it should not have been made, while others believe it was made without our consent. There is a belief that he may have announced with Gantz’s consent, rather than Netanyahu and Gallant, the other two war cabinet members,” he stated.

“That implies that there may be a division within Israel regarding the appropriate course of action,” he stated.

The necessity of a clear stance from both Israel and Hamas to achieve an agreement was underscored by Qatar, which has been serving as a mediator throughout the conflict, on Tuesday.

Foreign ministry spokesperson Majed Al-Ansari stated, “We are anticipating a definitive Israeli stance that embodies the entire government’s response to the United States‘ Gaza proposal.” He also said there are “no alternative options” to conclude the conflict except for engaging in negotiations and reaching a resolution.

Additionally, he stated, “No one can achieve a complete victory in this conflict.” “I believe that the international community is well aware that the assertion that Hamas can be eradicated or the Palestinian issue completely disregarded will result in increased violence and is unattainable.

Regarding the visage

Nevertheless, Washington is preparing to attempt to secure backing for the agreement at the United Nations Security Council (UNSC).

On Monday, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, the United States ambassador to the United Nations, expressed her desire for UNSC members to endorse a new resolution that Washington has proposed. The resolution is intended to “end the fighting in Gaza through a ceasefire and a hostage deal.”

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In a post on X, Thomas-Greenfield stated, “This plan has been endorsed by several leaders and governments, including those in the region. We urge the Security Council to join them.”

Despite mounting international criticism, the United States has consistently vetoed numerous resolutions that advocate for a truce in Gaza. At the same time, it continues to provide funding and weapons to Israel during the conflict.

Algeria submitted an additional ceasefire resolution last week that specifically requested that Israel discontinue its ground invasion of Rafah. However, the text was deemed “imbalanced” by a spokesperson for the US State Department.

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