Instagram unavailable for 2 hours amid global outage

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  • Instagram outage lasts two hours; global disruption resolved
  • Users report problems worldwide; Meta remains silent on outage
  • DownDetector reveals application and server issues; users turn to Musk’s X

Instagram is back online after a global disruption that lasted for two hours.  

The website DownDetector, which monitors online disruptions, received reports of problems at 2:00 pm ET, which were resolved by 4:00 pm ET. 

A disruption map indicated that users in the United States, the United Kingdom, certain regions of Europe, and Australia were encountering difficulties, among other places.  

Many users flocked to Elon Musk’s X in an attempt to identify those who were having issues, and some even reported that their accounts had been suspended. 

The error’s cause remains unknown, and Meta has not commented on the outage.  

According to reports from DownDetector, 62 percent of issues are application-related, 28 percent are server connection-related, and 10 percent of users are unable to log in. 

Users in Atlanta, Georgia, New York City, and Los Angeles, California, reported issues.  

Users in London, Norwich, and Cambridge also notified DownDector regarding the outage from across the Atlantic.

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Over 1,500 notifications had been submitted by Americans to DownDetector.  

In situations where one social media platform experiences downtime, users frequently turn to another, Musk’s X, for assistance. 

A user on Instagram noted that the disruption that occurred on Monday is the second of the month. 

The previous strike occurred on April 1—April Fool’s Day, to be exact.

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