Former US security adviser: Iran threatens Arab lives for Israel’s destruction

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  • McMaster warns of Iran’s readiness to sacrifice Arab lives
  • Iran-Israel tensions escalate after April attacks
  • McMaster laments UK military downsizing, urges strength demonstration

Additionally, HR McMaster stated that the reduction in the capability of the United Kingdom’s armed forces “broke my heart” because nations must “demonstrate strength” to avert further conflict.

Former US national security adviser: Iran is prepared to “expend every Arab life” in its quest to eliminate Western influence in the Middle East and annihilate Israel.

HR McMaster, who served in that capacity from 2017 to 2018 under the Trump administration, stated that escalation remains a possibility between Iran and Israel following the two countries’ April attacks against one another.

Iran claimed that its attack on Saturday, April 13, was in retaliation for an Israeli-claimed strike in Damascus, the capital of Syria, which killed two of its generals.

In reaction to the Iranian assault, Israel initiated hostilities in Isfahan, the location encompassing Iran’s nuclear facility and military base.

When asked if a further escalation between the two regional rivals is possible, Mr McMaster responded, “Iran is pursuing a strategy in which they hope we continue to act as if we are oblivious to the return address of this violence.

Moreover, Iran is despicably and cynically prepared to sacrifice every Arab life, if required, to achieve its goals of expelling the United States, the United Kingdom, and our allies from the region as an initial stride towards establishing hegemonic power in the area and obliterating Israel.

“That is precisely the intention of theirs.” Furthermore, I believe that as long as we maintain the position that we are unaware of the return address, Iran will persist in intensifying these abhorrent activities to inflict excruciating human suffering not only upon the Palestinians but also upon the Israelis.”

When asked if the West could be persuaded to lead a response to any future Iranian aggression in the region, Mr McMaster replied: “I believe it is imminent, because Iran appears to be emboldened, even though they are currently experiencing a variety of internal uprisings… They appear to be gaining confidence internationally… I believe we should inform the Iranians that we are about to impose significant financial obligations on them.

And these need not be immediately military.

There is considerable latitude to implement the sanctions that have already been imposed, which the Biden administration declined to do so.

Additionally, Mr. McMaster expressed his profound sorrow over the Pentagon’s downsizing, stating that it “broke my heart” with the reduction in military capabilities. Decades of cost-cutting measures have left the United Kingdom increasingly susceptible to the threat posed by missiles and drones, according to military sources and Cold War veterans.

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Further, he stated that in a future conflict, it would be “difficult for the United Kingdom to sustain operations” for “ample duration to fight and win.”

Regarding the necessity to exhibit strength to avert further conflict, Mr McCaster continued, “I believe we must acknowledge that we have been overly optimistic for far too long regarding the geostrategic situation and the failure of some NATO nations to meet their defense spending targets.”

Mr. McMaster responded when asked whether the recent $61 billion military aid package for Ukraine will affect the conflict there: “It’s a game-changer… I sincerely trust that it is not past its prime…

Ukraine is coordinating its efforts with the resources at its disposal.” “We must immediately provide them with ammunition.

The “halting” and “inconsistent” manner in which the United States has assisted, according to him, has prevented Ukraine from protecting its people and halting the Russian offensive.

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