US vows Ukraine military help to make ‘real difference’

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  • Antony Blinken assures Ukraine of substantial military aid
  • Blinken visits Kyiv amid Russian aggression in Kharkiv
  • US accelerates weapon deliveries to counter Russian offensive

Secretary of State of the United States Antony Blinken has assured Ukraine that “substantial” military assistance is en route.

Blinken unexpectedly arrived in Kyiv on Tuesday for a diplomatic visit to emphasize U.S. support. Political wrangling in Washington led to the ultimate approval of a military aid package in April. Russia, meanwhile, has endeavored to capitalize on the situation by establishing a new front line in the northeastern Kharkiv region and launching massive missile barrages.

It is the first journey by a senior United States official since the approval of the $61 billion in support. Blinken conferred with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and assured him that American assistance would “substantially counter Russian aggression on the battlefield.”

The US official assured, “We have already delivered a portion of the assistance, and additional portions will arrive shortly.

“The best possible rebuke to [Russian President Vladimir] Putin would be a strong, prosperous, free Ukraine,” he said, adding that Washington is “determined that Ukraine eventually stands firmly on its own two feet: militarily, economically, and democratically.

Zelenskyy extolled the “crucial” US assistance, emphasizing that Iran’s greatest deficiency is in air defense. He informed Blinken that two air defense batteries were necessary for Kharkiv, the capital of northeastern Ukraine under Russian air assaults.

Russian missiles target everyone, including civilians and warriors, Zelenskyy declared.

Increasing the “tempo”

Blinken has paid this location four visits since February 2022, when Russia initiated its full-scale invasion. His most recent visit to the country took place in September of the previous year.

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National security adviser Jake Sullivan said on Monday that the US was trying to make up for Congress’ months-long delay of the aid package by speeding up “the tempo of the deliveries” of weapons to Ukraine.

“We are attempting to assist Ukraine in digging itself out of the hole they dug themselves into as soon as possible due to the delay,” Sullivan said, adding that a new package of weapons would be unveiled this week.

Blinken’s accompanying US official announced the delivery of artillery, air defense interceptors, and long-range ballistic missiles, some of which have reached the front lines.

Russia controls approximately 18% of Ukraine.

Its latest offensive in the Kharkiv region commenced on Friday, resulting in the evacuation of tens of thousands of individuals.

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