Zelenskyy requests ‘fair retribution’ from the United Nations for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

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As he presents a five-point peace plan to the United Nations General Assembly, the president of Ukraine declares that his nation will not accept neutrality.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the president of Ukraine, has sought “fair punishment” for Russia’s crime against his country.

Mr. Zelenskyy addressed the United Nations General Assembly via video and outlined a five-point proposal to end the seven-month-long conflict.

Conditions that were non-negotiable included retaliation for Russian aggression, restoration of Ukraine’s security, and assurances of territorial integrity and security.

Regarding the punishment he desires for Russia, he stated: “The penalty for the offense of aggression.

Zelenskyy requests 'fair retribution' from the united nations for russia's invasion of ukraine.
Zelenskyy requests 'fair retribution' from the united nations for russia's invasion of ukraine.

“Punishment for border and territorial integrity violations.

“Penalties that must remain in effect until the internationally recognized boundary is restored.”

He said, “Those who speak of neutrality when human values and peace are under threat mean something else.”

Mr. Zelenskyy stated that no alternative peace plan would be accepted, adding, “The greater the spread of the Russian terror, the less probable it is that anyone in the world will consent to sit at the same table with them.

His remarks followed Vladimir Putin’s announcement of preparations to mobilize up to 300,000 Russian reservists for the conflict, the first such mobilization since World War II.

This, according to Mr. Zelenskyy, demonstrated that Mr. Putin was not serious about negotiating an end to the conflict. In Russia, the news spurred widespread anti-war demonstrations and a stampede for flights out of the country.

Russias invasion of ukraine
Zelenskyy requests 'fair retribution' from the united nations for russia's invasion of ukraine.

Mr. Putin also made a veiled threat to deploy nuclear weapons, stressing that he was “not bluffing.”

The Russian leader accused the West of “nuclear blackmail,” asserting that “high-ranking representatives of the key NATO members” had discussed the use of weapons of mass devastation against Russia.

US President Joe Biden stated that the nuclear danger was imminent “reckless” and “irresponsible,” he continued, “a nuclear war cannot be won and should never be undertaken.

“This war is about eliminating Ukraine’s right to exist as a state and as a people, in plain and basic terms.

“Regardless of who you are, where you reside, or what you believe, that should make your blood run cold.”

Russia’s delegation to the United Nations has not responded to the latest in a long line of criticisms provoked by the February invasion of Ukraine.

Nonetheless, as a permanent member of the influential United Nations Security Council, Russia was able to veto an early call to cease its attack on Ukraine.

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