In Ukraine, Sean Penn hands Zelenskyy his Oscar. “Win it back”

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Since Russia’s war began in February, Hollywood actor Sean Penn has visited Ukraine three times and has been a strong supporter of the country during the crisis. Now, he has handed away one of his two Oscars, and President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has a special honor for him as well.

In ukraine, sean penn hands zelenskyy his oscar. "win it back"
In ukraine, sean penn hands zelenskyy his oscar. "win it back"

Sean Penn presented one of his Oscars to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy during his third visit to the country despite the ongoing conflict with Russia.

Penn, who was forced to leave Ukraine in March while producing a documentary about the conflict, gave the trophy to the country as a “symbol of faith.”

The Hollywood actor has twice been named the best actor at the Academy Awards, for the films Mystic River (2004) and Milk (2009).

When you win
In ukraine, sean penn hands zelenskyy his oscar. "win it back"

During a visit with Mr. Zelenskyy, the actor presented him with one of his golden statuettes, explaining that it was “only a symbolic, dumb thing,” but “if I know this is here with you, I’ll feel better and stronger for the fight.”

“When you win, bring it back to Malibu,” he urged. Because I’ll feel a lot better knowing a part of myself is here.”

The statue will remain in Ukraine until the conclusion of the conflict.

During the meeting, the Ukrainian president honored Penn for his “major contribution” to the war effort by presenting him with the Third Degree Order of Merit.

In ukraine, sean penn hands zelenskyy his oscar. "win it back"
In ukraine, sean penn hands zelenskyy his oscar. "win it back"

The actor’s name was also inscribed on a stone on Ukraine’s Walk of the Brave, which honors “brave people who have stood with Ukraine from the very beginning” and includes the names of other foreign leaders who have assisted since the commencement of the war.

Penn stated that there were three spots in the world where “all the pride of my life would be”: the place where his daughter and son were born, and this place.

Previously, he reportedly expressed interest in fighting for Ukraine during the conflict.

Alongside footage from the visit on Instagram, a post on Mr. Zelenskyy’s Instagram page stated, “American actor and film director Sean Penn has already visited Ukraine three times throughout the ongoing civil war.”

Continued: “Our meeting this time was remarkable. Sean carried his Oscar statuette as a symbol of his confidence in our nation’s win. It will remain in Ukraine until the war ends.

“I presented Sean Penn with the Order of Merit of the Third Degree with great joy. Thank you for your earnest support and substantial contribution to the global promotion of Ukraine.”

Penn is scheduled to receive the Bob Hope Humanitarian Award from the Television Academy later this month for his “decades of activism.”

In September, the actor was included on a list of 25 Americans sanctioned by Russia for publicly criticizing the war in Ukraine.

Penn and fellow actor Ben Stiller were included on the Russian foreign ministry’s list of lawmakers, trade representatives, and industry leaders barred from entering the country.

Stiller, like Penn, has been a prominent defender of Ukraine throughout the conflict.

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