The Crown actor Dominic West advises against ‘imaginative speculation’

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West, who portrays Prince Charles in the popular Netflix series, acknowledged that the show had “always courted controversy the closer it was to our times.”

The Crown actor Dominic West has responded to the season five criticism by calling the royal drama “imaginative speculation” and urged anyone who disagrees to watch documentaries.

West, who portrays Prince Charles in the popular Netflix series, told: “It is a drama, in a sense an imaginative speculation.

The crown actor dominic west advises against 'imaginative speculation'
The crown actor dominic west advises against 'imaginative speculation'

“I’ve seen every documentary ever done about my character, and there are many of them if you don’t want to see what a brilliant dramatist has imagined.”

Season five premieres two months after the passing of Queen Elizabeth II.

The actor assumed the role of Prince Charles in the 1990s, during a delicate era of transition for the future monarch.

Crown actor
The crown actor dominic west advises against 'imaginative speculation'

Due to the time shift, past controversies are presented to a new television audience.

“I believe that many emotions have been awakened since the passing of the Queen, but this is a production that has always courted controversy the closer it moved to the present.

“Everyone has very strong ideas, we all have our recollections and our opinions of those times, and I believe that people that tune in to see it are eventually receptive to having those opinions questioned or validated in any manner.”

From tell-all books to poisonous relationships, and power plays to the Panorama interview, the series takes a substantial time jump involving Diana.

Elizabeth Debicki was faced with portraying one of the most scrutinized ladies in the world during one of the Royal Family’s most controversial periods.

The actress told that the show’s depiction of Charles and Diana’s divorce is “fair to both parties.”

“I believe that any great drama has the potential to convey comprehension, empathy, and connection to the story’s human parts.”

After Claire Foy and Olivia Colman, it is Imelda Staunton’s turn to portray the central character, an older iteration of Queen Elizabeth II.

Staunton stated that she learned about the death of the Queen while filming, and “that evening I was inconsolable.”

“I was astonished by my response. Then I realized that I had been living so closely with her for two and a half years.”

As for the two prime ministers, Sir John Major and Sir Tony Blair, who have criticized their participation in the series without having seen it, Staunton stated that she has prioritized filtering out external distractions.

“Because we’re still filming, I don’t read newspapers and I’m not interested in what’s going on.

They’re going to say what they’re going to say, we still have to do it, it’s still going to air tomorrow, and my goal is that the public will find some solace in being with this family for a little longer.”

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