Who should I vote for and what do parties promise?

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  1. UK general election guide for voters
  2. Parties’ stances on critical issues
  3. Devolution impacts policy implementation in regions

Polls open in the UK general election in less than 24 hours; have you determined which party will receive your vote?

If not, this guide summarizes the major parties’ positions on the issues that matter most to voters based on their pledges throughout the campaign.

Select your preferred country, political parties, and issues from the drop-down list.

A manifesto is a collection of promises political parties make to voters, outlining what they intend to accomplish if elected.

Its goal is to summarize the parties’ positions on major issues so voters can make informed choices at the ballot box.

How were the issues selected?

We chose concerns identified by polling firm Ipsos Mori’s Concerns Index, a monthly survey that analyzes the public’s perceptions of the country’s most critical challenges.

We examined surveys conducted twelve months before the election and chose issues based on their aggregate score.

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For the sake of simplicity, we have grouped certain comparable issues. For example, “NHS, hospitals, healthcare, and social care” fall under the “NHS and care” umbrella category.

How were the parties chosen and ordered?

To be listed in the guide, a party must have candidates running for at least one-sixth of the seats in the nation in which it is campaigning and meet one of the following criteria:

At least one MP had represented her when Parliament was dissolved in June 2024.

Has at least one elected representative in a national assembly?

They have won more than 1% of votes in the previous general election, national assembly election, and the 2019 European Parliament elections.

Parties are listed alphabetically in order of vote share in the 2019 general election.

How are policies selected and summarized?

What about topics discussed in the UK Parliament?

Because of devolution, the UK parliament cannot act on or has limited authority over several topics raised in the guide. For example, “health” has been delegated to Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales.
Parties continue to campaign locally on these devolved issues in the run-up to the general election.

As a result, the book emphasizes devolved or partially devolved concerns to recognize that these policies may not become legislation in that nation even if passed in Westminster.

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