Oregon firefighters rescue 28 upside-down riders

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  • Firefighters rescue 28 trapped on ride
  • One person hospitalized as a precaution
  • Ride closed pending investigation and repairs

The AtmosFEAR ride, which debuted in 2021, works like a pendulum, able to swing passengers fully upside down.

Firefighters rescued 28 people who were trapped 100 feet upside down on a ride at an entertainment park in Oregon.

According to a statement shared on social media by Oaks Amusement Park in Portland, one individual with a pre-existing medical condition was brought to the hospital as a precaution following the AtmosFEAR ride’s stop.

However, they stated that no one was wounded in the incident.

Chris Ryan claimed he and his wife, who was at the park for his birthday, will ride the attraction, which operates like a pendulum and can swing people entirely upside down when they see it is stuck.

He overheard somebody saying, “Oh my God, they are upside down.” He said they opted to leave due to “how scary the situation was.”

They boarded a Ferris wheel and heard a loudspeaker saying the park was closed and everyone should leave.

Portland Fire & Rescue said on X that firefighters worked with engineers at Oaks Park, which opened in 1905, to lower the ride manually but that teams were ready to do a high-angle rope rescue if needed.

When the ride stopped, park workers promptly alerted emergency services, who arrived approximately 25 minutes later.

According to a park release, maintenance staff were able to return the coaster to its unloading position minutes later.

According to the park, the attraction has existed since 2021 and has had no past mishaps. It will be closed until further notice.

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The park stated that it would cooperate with the ride’s manufacturer and state inspectors to discover the cause of the stoppage.

We want to express our heartfelt gratitude to the first responders and our staff for their prompt action, which resulted in a positive outcome today, as well as to the rest of the park guests who quickly followed directions to leave the park to allow emergency responders to attend to the situation, it said.

According to Oaks Park’s website, it provides a uniquely Portland blend of modern thrills and turn-of-the-century elegance on a midway that has entertained generations of Northwesterners.

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