On Armistice Day, the United Kingdom observes a two-minute moment of silence.

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On Friday, the United Kingdom observed Armistice Day with a two-minute silence.

As part of this year’s commemorations for the war dead, the recently refurbished Big Ben tolled eleven times.

The moment of silence is held annually on November 11 at 11:00 GMT to commemorate the end of World War I in 1918.

Foreign Secretary James Cleverly stated that “while we honor our heroes” this year, we would also commemorate “Ukraine’s fight for freedom.”

Mr. Cleverly attended the memorial service given in Paris by French President Emmanuel Macron.

On armistice day, the united kingdom observes a two-minute moment of silence.
On armistice day, the united kingdom observes a two-minute moment of silence.

In a statement made before his visit, Mr. Cleverly asserted that the efforts of “brave men and women who have served to bring us peace” have been “destroyed by a Russian aggressor.

“The United Kingdom stands unwaveringly with our friends and allies in defense of freedom and democracy in Ukraine, and I am happy to stand side to shoulder with a historic ally in Paris,” he continued.

Mr. Cleverly will also meet with the French foreign minister, Catherine Colonna, during which they will, among other things, discuss the two countries’ support for Ukraine.

Moment of silence
On armistice day, the united kingdom observes a two-minute moment of silence.

While Armistice Day was celebrated with a moment of silence on Friday, the United Kingdom will pay additional respects with services on Sunday, including the Royal Family’s first visit to the Cenotaph since the death of the Queen.

During the service, which will also be attended by the Prince and Princess of Wales, King Charles will lay a poppy wreath with a ribbon in his racing colors of crimson, purple, and gold.

Incorporating royal racing colors into the wreaths of the late Queen, George V, and George VI.

For the first time, a wreath will be laid on behalf of the Queen Consort as she observes from the balcony of the Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office building.

Prince William will plant a wreath previously laid by his father, which features white Prince of Wales feathers and a new Welsh red ribbon.

On Remembrance Sunday, Big Ben will strike again to mark the beginning of the two-minute silence.

Following disassembly and restoration as part of a refurbishment project, the bell has been virtually silent for five years.

The late Queen, who lived through World War II, missed only seven Remembrance services during her 70-year reign, including one in 2021 because of a back sprain.

On Saturday evening, the Royal Family will also attend the annual Royal British Legion Festival of Remembrance at the Royal Albert Hall.

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