Jair Bolsonaro yells at UK gas costs during Queen’s funeral.

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Jair Bolsonaro shot a video at a central London gas station to win over supporters ahead of next month’s election in Brazil.

The Brazilian president utilized his travel to the United Kingdom for the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II to stop at a gas station and publish a video regarding the price of gasoline.

Jair Bolsonaro appeared at a Shell service station in London’s Bayswater Road and pointed to the electronic sign displaying the price of unleaded gasoline.

He stated that the 161.9p per liter price was “practically double the average of many Brazilian states” and that petrol was among the cheapest in the world in his country.

The video was broadcast the night before the Queen’s burial and was criticized by some on social media, who said that the comparison was unfair because Brazil’s minimum wage is significantly lower than that of the United Kingdom.

Jair bolsonaro yells at uk gas costs during queen's funeral.
Jair bolsonaro yells at uk gas costs during queen's funeral.

In recent months, prices in Britain have decreased from a peak of about £2 per liter.

To remain in the office during next month’s presidential elections, Brazil’s controversial president has been trumpeting the recent decline in petrol prices.

According to a poll released by IPEC on Monday, former leader Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva has a lead of 47% to 31%.

Mr. Bolsonaro was also accused of leveraging his trip to London to be photographed with foreign leaders to bolster his image and as a platform for his faltering campaign.

On Sunday, while addressing supporters from the balcony of the Brazilian embassy, he spoke briefly on the Queen’s legacy before turning to the election.

At one point, he reminded the gathering, “We are a nation that opposes drug liberalization, abortion legalization, and “gender ideology.”

The far-right leader is no stranger to controversy, as evidenced by his response to the pandemic and policy on the Amazon rainforest. He is often compared to Donald Trump and has a history of controversial decisions, including his stance on the epidemic and the Amazon rainforest.

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