Putin confidently says Europe is ‘defenceless’

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  • Putin Downplays Nuclear Weapon Use in Ukraine
  • Hints at Possible Nuclear Doctrine Changes
  • Tensions High at Russia’s Economic Forum

Moscow has been engaging in nuclear sabre-rattling since the full-scale invasion of Ukraine, delivering a series of not-so-subtle hints that an attempt to defeat a nuclear power like Russia could have disastrous consequences for those who try.

Today, President Putin asserted that Russia would not require the use of a nuclear weapon to secure victory in Ukraine.

He was interviewed during a panel discussion at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, which is frequently referred to as “Russia’s Davos.

Mr. Putin appears to be more dovish on a limited number of occasions than the individual who is posing the queries.

However, it would be difficult to refrain from doing so when Sergei Karaganov is the individual who is posing the queries. Mr. Karaganov is a Russian foreign policy expert who is known for his uncompromising stance. He advocated for a nuclear strike that was preemptive last year.

He recommended today that a “nuclear pistol” be held to the sanctuary of the West over Ukraine.

The language employed by President Putin was not as extreme.
However, he is not a dove.

The Kremlin leader stated that he did not exclude the possibility of modifications to Russia’s nuclear doctrine, which delineates the circumstances under which nuclear weapons would be employed.

This doctrine is a dynamic instrument, and we are vigilantly monitoring the events and developments in the world around us. We do not rule out the possibility of modifying this doctrine.” This is also associated with the testing of nuclear weapons.

He also issued a warning to the European countries that have been supporting Ukraine, stating that Russia possesses “many more [tactical nuclear weapons] than there are on the European continent, even if the United States brings theirs over.

In addition, he stated that Europe lacks an advanced [early warning system]. “In a sense, they are more or less defenceless.”

Tactical nuclear weapons are smaller warheads that are intended to eliminate targets without causing widespread radioactive dispersion.

This week has been a surreal experience in St. Petersburg. On the one hand, a substantial international economic forum has been conducted, conveying the message that Russia is prepared for collaboration and that, despite all obstacles, business is conducted as usual.

However, this is not a typical commercial situation.

Russia is currently engaged in a three-year conflict in Ukraine, which has resulted in it being the most heavily sanctioned nation in the globe.

At present, there is a significant increase in tensions between the West and Russia.

During a meeting with international news agency chiefs in St. Petersburg earlier this week, President Putin implied that Russia could provide sophisticated conventional long-range weapons to other countries to strike Western targets.

This was his response to the NATO allies’ authorization for Ukraine to use Western-supplied armaments to attack Russian territory.

Today, he reiterated the concept.

We have not yet provided those weapons; however, we reserve the right to do so to states or legal entities that are under specific pressure, including military pressure, from the countries that supply weapons to Ukraine and encourage their use on Russian territory.

There were no specifics. No names are mentioned.

Therefore, which regions of the globe could Russia potentially deploy its missiles?

“We will certainly place them in the locations that we deem necessary.”

Vladimir Solovyov, one of the most prominent presenters on Russian state TV, informs me that we will investigate this matter, as President Putin has stated.

“You must be certain that we have an abundance of opportunities and opportunities to harm you if you are attempting to do so.”

In the West, some will argue that this sabre-rattling is a ruse and that we have heard it before.

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“There is never any truth to it.” Mr. Solovyov responds, “Until it is not.” “You can continue to believe that Russia is deceiving, and eventually, there will no longer be a Great Britain to ridicule.” Do not ever attempt to drive the Russian bear under the impression that it is a kitten and that we can play with it.

European and American CEOs would frequently attend the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. No longer. Rather, I observed delegations from the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and South America. Russia has been utilizing this year’s event to demonstrate that, despite Western sanctions, there are numerous countries worldwide that are prepared to conduct business with Russia.

In St. Petersburg, what have we discovered about Vladimir Putin?

He appears to be growing more self-assured and resolute in his refusal to concede. He appears to think that the West will be the first to concede in the ongoing conflict between Russia and the West.

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