Mark Drakeford will “shed a light” on Qatar’s World Cup 2022 rights.

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According to the Welsh government, Mark Drakeford will “promote diversity” and “respect for human rights” at the World Cup in Qatar.

Sir Keir Starmer, leader of the British Labour Party, has chosen to boycott the competition.

Before Wales’s first match on November 21, Mr. Drakeford and other Welsh Labour ministers will travel.

Andrew RT Davies, leader of the Welsh Conservatives, criticized UK Labour’s stance as “hypocritical.

Mark drakeford will "shed a light" on qatar's world cup 2022 rights.
Mark drakeford will "shed a light" on qatar's world cup 2022 rights.

A UK Labour source told BBC Wales that there were disparities between the position of the UK party and Mr. Drakeford’s position as the leader of Wales.

Mark Drakeford is the first minister of Wales; he is the country’s official representative at the Qatar World Cup, the first to which Wales has qualified in over six decades.

Mark will utilize his official status to shed light on important human rights issues and collaborate with others to promote the values of inclusivity and respect for human and workers’ rights.

Sir Keir stated on LBC earlier this week that he would skip the World Cup, even if England reached the final.

“I’d love to, but the human rights record is such that I wouldn’t travel, and the Labour Party will take the same view.”

Additionally, he informed LBC that no “senior colleagues” would be traveling there.

The Welsh government responded that it was “glad Wales would be competing in the World Cup.”

“Increase the profile”

Mr. Drakeford, according to a spokeswoman, will travel to Wales to bolster the country’s economy and impact change by “promot[ing] the values of inclusivity.”

“Through our participation in important events throughout the world, we want to improve the profile of Wales and generate trade and investment opportunities.

This World Cup has shed light on the crucial topic of human rights, and we will join others in promoting the values of inclusiveness and respect for human and worker rights.

Foreign Secretary James Cleverly, who will also be in attendance, has stated that the United Kingdom has “very significant allies in the Middle East.”

Mr. Cleverly was criticized for saying that LGBT fans who travel to Qatar, where same-sex conduct is outlawed, should demonstrate “a little bit of flexibility and compromise.”

Mr. Cleverly stated, “These are Muslim countries, which have a completely different cultural background from ours. I believe it’s important for visitors to respect the culture of their host nation.”

Within hours, however, the official spokeswoman for the prime minister stated that LGBT fans should not be asked to “compromise who they are” at the tournament.

Labour described his views as “shockingly insensitive.”


Andrew RT Davies, leader of the Tory Senedd group, stated, “It is quite appropriate for the first minister of Wales to attend the Qatar World Cup and lend his support to the Welsh national side.”

“Keir Starmer’s grandstanding on this topic from the opposition is pure hypocrisy, given that his colleagues in Wales will rightfully demonstrate their support for the Welsh team.

“I hope the prime minister, along with ministers of the British government, will resist any pressure from the Labour leader to postpone their trip to the World Cup.”

During an event in the Senedd with Wales manager Rob Page, Mr. Drakeford stated, “As a Welsh government, we have very clear goals for the World Cup itself: promoting Wales, projecting our values, and ensuring the safety of Welsh citizens during the competition.”

Real challenges

“And then ensuring that Wales leaves behind a lasting legacy after the event.”

Mr. Drakeford stated that there were “genuine hurdles in organizing an event of this scale in Qatar, as well as the need to strike a delicate balance between maximizing opportunities and asserting our principles in the international arena.”

The way we would prefer to live in Wales lays a strong focus on human rights, the rights of people in the workplace, and the rights of individuals to live their lives as they see fit.

In addition to providing an opportunity to showcase Wales, the World Cup obligates us to ensure that we do not ignore the need to explain why we believe these ideals should be recognized throughout all of sport.

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