Hezbollah launches rockets at Israel after key commander dies

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  • Hezbollah launched nearly 100 rockets at northern Israel
  • Attack followed assassination of senior Hezbollah commander
  • Israeli airstrikes targeted missile launch sites in southern Lebanon

Hezbollah has launched one of its most extensive rocket barrages at northern Israel since the commencement of the Gaza War.

In response to the assassination of a senior Hezbollah commander in southern Lebanon the previous evening, nearly 100 projectiles were launched on Wednesday morning. The attacks have sparked apprehension that the military conflict between Israel and Hezbollah is intensifying, as both parties have declared their readiness for war.

The Israeli military has verified that at least 90 rockets were launched from Lebanese territory, causing sirens to sound in numerous communities throughout the northern region of the country. It was reported that numerous aircraft were intercepted, but a significant number of them landed, resulting in the establishment of fires. There were no casualties reported.

Israeli warplanes were subsequently depicted in aerial footage attacking the launch site of the missiles in Yaroun, southern Lebanon, as reported by the military.

Hezbollah, an armed group based in Lebanon with connections to Iran, issued a statement early on Wednesday confirming the death of Taleb Abdullah in an air strike that occurred hours prior in the hamlet of Jouaiyya.

Abdullah, who was also known as Hajj Abu Taleb, was reportedly the commander of a Hezbollah division that was responsible for the western sector of the front line, which extended from the frontier with Israel to the Litani River.

He is the second operative to be slain since October 7 and to be mourned by Hezbollah as a commander. The other individual was Wissam al-Tawil, the deputy commander of the elite Radwan unit, who was killed in an Israeli air strike in southern Lebanon in January.

Additionally, the armed group verified the subsequent fatalities of three additional operatives in the Israeli air strike that occurred late on Tuesday.

After the war in Gaza escalated tensions, Israel and Hezbollah both expressed their willingness to broaden their military conflict. This escalation in assaults is the result.

Skirmishes on the frontier have been the extent of ground combat thus far. However, Hezbollah has been endeavouring to undermine Israel’s air superiority over the skies of Lebanon.

The group utilized a surface-to-air missile to take down a third Israeli-made Hermes 900 reconnaissance and assault drone over Lebanon on Tuesday. The footage was released by the group.

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In an endeavour to deter Israeli fighter planes, it launched numerous missiles this week.

The Israeli military verified the incidents, stating that its aircraft were not damaged.

Hezbollah was preparing a launch from a location in southern Lebanon, according to the Israeli military, which claimed to have attacked it late on Tuesday.

It also stated that the armed group launched 15 missiles, some of which were intercepted, while others landed in open areas.

The Israeli military continues to bombard regions throughout the Gaza Strip, and there are no imminent indications that the conflict will conclude.

Hamas stated that it has submitted its response to the most recent ceasefire proposal to the mediators. The response will encompass an exchange of detainees and a plan for the reconstruction of the enclave.

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