Elyakim Libman: Israel finds Hamas hostage remains

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  • IDF confirms death of individual kidnapped by Hamas
  • Victim identified from remains discovered in Israel
  • Hamas attack during festival resulted in significant casualties

An individual believed to have been kidnapped by Hamas on October 7 has been pronounced dead, according to the Israel Defense Forces, which verified the discovery of his remains in Israel. 

The IDF reported that a “thorough and complex investigation” was used to identify the remains of Elyakim Libman. 

Libman was stationed at the Nova festival in his capacity as a security officer when the attack occurred. 

According to his family, he remained behind to heal other wounded individuals for hours. 

The National Institute of Forensic Medicine and the Ministry of Health informed Libman’s family on Friday that he was “murdered in the October 7th massacre” commanded by Hamas, according to a statement released by the IDF. 

The report continues by stating that “a comprehensive and intricate investigation carried out by the Israel Police, the IDF, and the National Institute of Forensic Medicine” identified the remains.

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According to Israeli media outlets, his remains were inadvertently interred with another festival victim. 

Eliyahu, Libman’s father, stated in a Facebook post around the time of the assault that another guard informed him his son had assisted in the rescue of others before attempting to flee. Last seen, he was attempting to assist two severely injured women. 

Around 1,200 individuals lost their lives in the attack on October 7th. Over 360 of those who were slain were festival attendees. 

Out of the over 250 detainees that were abducted by Hamas during its unprecedented assault, an estimated 130 have yet to be identified. There are at least 34 presumed deceased. All but a few have been rescued or released. 

The health ministry in Gaza, which is operated by Hamas, reports that the ensuing Israeli offensive in the region has claimed the lives of over 34,600 individuals. 

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