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HomeClimateMore than a month's rain in one day floods Exeter Airport.

More than a month’s rain in one day floods Exeter Airport.

  1. Heavy Rainfall Hits Taunton and Bridgwater, Somerset
  2. Flash Flooding Forces Closure of Exeter Airport
  3. Met Office Issues Amber and Yellow Weather Warnings

The Met Office estimates that an area encompassing Taunton and Bridgwater in Somerset received up to 12cm of rain on Sunday, which is more than the average rainfall for the entire month of September.

As severe weather warnings were issued for much of the UK, Sunday’s flash flood closed Exeter Airport.

In Somerset, the Met Office estimated that an area encompassing Taunton and Bridgwater could have received up to 12cm of rain – more than the average rainfall for the entire month of September.

A social media video of Exeter Airport showed passengers standing in modest water on the terminal floor.

“After Sunday afternoon’s flash flooding, which caused the airport to close, our teams are working through the night to clean up, and we expect to reopen (on Monday),” said a spokesman for the Devon airport.

“Passengers are advised to contact their airline for the most up-to-date flight information. And we ask for your patience as we strive to restore normal airport operations.”

On Sunday afternoon, the airport’s website showed five approaching flights as cancelled, including Newcastle and Zante flights.

Until Sunday afternoon, an amber weather warning for thunderstorms has been issued for portions of Devon and Somerset.

Heavy precipitation caused “torrential downpours” in the southwest of England, with localized inundation in south Devon.

The Met Office has issued a yellow warning for thunderstorms in the region including Portsmouth, Brighton, London, Oxford, Peterborough, and Norwich until 6 a.m. on Monday.

The Met Office warned of “chance that homes and businesses could be inundated rapidly” and construction damage.

Train and bus services may be delayed or discontinued.

Forecasters are forecasting a wet and windy end to the UK’s short-lived September heatwave, with a spell of dreary weather anticipated for much of the UK next week.

There will be additional torrential and thundery showers on Monday. But the weather will become drier and crisper from the west by evening, according to forecasters.

Additionally, the wind will increase, especially around any heavy rainfall or thunderstorms.

The Met Office anticipates “unsettled” weather with “strong winds and rain showers on Tuesday and Wednesday.”

On Thursday, widespread precipitation with a risk of hail and thunder are also anticipated.

In the United Kingdom, a new record was set earlier this month after seven consecutive days of temperatures exceeding 30 degrees Celsius, the longest such streak ever recorded in September.

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