Tite resigns following Brazil’s loss to Croatia

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Tite has declared that he will step down after six years as Brazil’s head coach. The 61-year-old had always maintained that he would step down after completing a full World Cup cycle, and thus his rule would conclude with the 4-2 loss on penalties to Croatia in the quarterfinals of the World Cup.

He stated, “The cycle has finished, and I will keep my word.” Other qualified specialists can take my place. But in a grim and largely emotionless press conference, Tite defended his team’s performance, not only against Croatia but throughout the entire tournament.

Tite resigns following brazil's loss to croatia
Tite resigns following brazil's loss to croatia

“The game is speaking to you when their goalkeeper is the finest player on the field,” he added about Dominik Livakovic of Croatia. “We had to be more effective in establishing objectives. But did Brazil perform at its peak? In general, yes.

“I recognize that I have the most responsibility for the loss, but we are all to blame. It is not about being good or evil. In sports, there is no such thing. Occasionally, despite a superb effort and a shot on goal, the ball deviates. That is typical. However, I can appreciate the outcome.”

Brazil’s initial response was not so measured. The bitter sadness of losing after leading 1-0 in the 117th minute quickly evolved into criticism of Tite’s tactics and his choice to leave the field without consoling his players at the end of the game. A Brazilian television host referred to him as a “donkey” for awarding Neymar a penalty kick that was never taken.

Tite to step down
Tite resigns following brazil's loss to croatia

Tite argued that the fifth penalty is the important one. The best players are those who are mentally prepared to handle the increased pressure. The legacy of Tite is questioned. He redesigned Brazil’s playing style, led them to the top of the international rankings, and won the Copa America in 2019, only to lose it on home soil in 2021.

And in the most prestigious tournament, he has now lost twice in the quarterfinals. “Time will tell,” he responded when asked how his tenure should be evaluated.

Zlatko Dalic, the coach of Croatia, praised one of his country’s “biggest victories” after a stunning comeback to reach their second consecutive World Cup semifinal. He stated, “We are a little country.”

“Our players are formidable combatants. Our integrity, diligence, and professionalism speak for us. People are astonished by our capacity to accomplish something so extraordinary. But we anticipated it.”

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