Army officer resigns over US support for Israel’s Gaza war

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  • Ex-US Army member resigns over US support for Israel
  • Resignation follows Gaza conflict, condemning Washington’s role
  • Departures prompt public condemnation and protests against US support

A former US Army member revealed that his nation’s “unqualified support” for Israel’s Gaza conflict prompted his resignation several months ago.

Major Harrison Mann wrote on LinkedIn on Monday that he felt “indescribable shame and guilt.” November marked his resignation from the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA).

Multiple American military personnel have resigned since October, when Hamas launched an assault on southern Israel, which triggered the conflict in Gaza. This operation resulted in the deaths of approximately 1,139 Israelis and the capture of 240 others.

According to Gaza’s Ministry of Health, over 35,000 Palestinians have been killed in Israel’s seven-month-long conflict; the majority of the enclave’s 2.3 million inhabitants are displaced and suffer from food and medicine shortages. The United States continues to supply Israel with intelligence and weaponry.

Instead of delaying explanations for their departure for months, the majority of those who left the US military did so publicly, condemning Washington’s role at the time. In February, US airman Aaron Bushnell tragically lost his life by self-combusting outside the Israeli embassy in Washington, DC, as part of a protest.

Mann stated in his letter that he had been apprehensive about disclosing the details of his resignation.

“I felt fear. We are unwilling to transgress our professional standards. I am afraid of disappointing officers whom I hold in high regard. I was worried that you would experience a sense of betrayal. “Some of you will undoubtedly feel this way after reading this,” he composed.

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A month ago, Mann distributed the note among his colleagues prior to posting it on his LinkedIn profile. He wrote that his assistance in advancing US policy, which he claimed contributed to the mass murder of Palestinians, filled him with humiliation and guilt.

“Regardless of the justification, you are either advancing a policy that permits the mass starvation of children at some point, or you are not,” he stated.

A DIA representative told Reuters that employee resignations are a commonplace phenomenon, similar to other organizations. “Employees voluntarily terminate their employment for a variety of motives and justifications.”

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