What is Tubi? New UK streaming service opens today

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  • Tubi launches in UK, offers 20,000 titles
  • Free streaming with ads, no login required
  • Personalized content using machine learning

Tubi has become available in the UK for the first time, providing British movie fans another chance to catch up on their favourite content.

British users may now access the renowned American streaming service, which offers 20,000 films and TV programmes on demand.

It ranges from iconic British television shows like Twilight and Fresh Meat to great blockbusters like Kill Bill, Billy Elliot, and Casino.

Tubi is 100% free. However, like competitors Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, customers must watch advertisements during and after their preferred content.

Furthermore, no sign-up or login is required; download the app or visit the website to begin watching.

After its inception in 2014, the streaming service quickly garnered a following in the United States, and it was finally purchased by Fox in 2020.

With 18 million monthly viewers, TV claims to be the leading advertising-based video-on-demand service in the United States.

To begin streaming, download the Tubi app or go to the website.

Before you can start watching, you’ll be prompted to provide your first name, age, and gender.

Some materials require creating a free account, but Tubi can still be used without one.

Tubi also says that its platform uses ‘ machine learning’ to provide a personalised experience to each user.

Tubi will begin in the UK with 20,000 films and TV episodes, less than the 240,000 available in the United States.

Since Fox’s takeover, US users have gained access to 250 live sports and news channels, which UK subscribers will receive.

Despite the new programming, Tubi claims to have one of the UK’s largest and most diverse libraries of TV and movie content.

For instance, Netflix has 5,000 films and 2,500 TV programmes.

Tubi can provide so much information for free because it is funded by advertising income.

According to Tubi, the platform only shows three to five adverts (for four to six minutes) each viewing hour, every 12 to 15 minutes.

Netflix vaguely claims to have a few short adverts every hour, but consumers are typically exposed to roughly the same amount.

However, unlike its competitors, Tubi does not offer the option of paying to remove adverts.

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Netflix released the £4.99 tier with adverts as a cheaper option for its subscription streaming service in 2022.

Other streaming services, such as Amazon Prime Video and Disney+, have also offered lower-cost membership plans that require consumers to see some ads.

The primary distinction is that Netflix subscribers can pay to have those commercials removed by subscribing to the £10.99 standard tier.

Tubi’s EVP and Managing Director of International, David Salmon, says, “At a time when traditional programming feels homogenous and finding what to watch feels like a chore, Tubi has been effective at delivering delight beyond the monoculture with content that appeals to diverse and vibrant fandoms.

We can create a fabulously broad, culturally ambitious service that puts UK audiences back in the spotlight and makes it enjoyable and easy to watch outstanding entertainment worldwide.

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