Second Reform candidate quits, supports Tories over ‘racist and misogyny’

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  • Georgie David quits Reform UK over racism
  • Reform UK candidate defects to Conservatives
  • David claims Reform UK filled with bigotry

Georgie David, the West Ham and Beckton candidate is the second Reform UK member to resign from the Tories over claims of racism.

A Reform candidate has suspended her campaign and defected to the Conservatives, claiming that the “vast majority” of people running for Nigel Farage’s party are “racist, misogynistic, and bigoted”.

Georgie David, the West Ham and Beckton candidate is the second Reform UK member to resign due to racist charges.

In a statement released by the Conservatives, she stated that she does not believe the party or its senior leadership is racist but that many of the people running to represent it are.

In announcing her resignation, she stated: “I am now announcing my decision to leave the Reform Party and stand down as their candidate for West Ham and Beckton, effective immediately.”

I do not doubt that the party and its senior leadership are not racist.

As the vast majority of candidates are racist, misogynistic, and discriminatory, I do not want to be affiliated with someone who holds such opposite views to my own and what I stand for.

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Although Ms David does not believe the problems have spread to the party leadership, she has been “significantly frustrated and dismayed” by their reluctance “to tackle this issue in any meaningful way.”

She said, “Their attempts to brush it under the carpet or claim foul play.

As a result, I have suspended my campaign with Reform and am backing the Conservative Party; I encourage all of my fellow patriots to do the same.

It comes two days after the Reform candidate in Erewash defected to the Conservatives due to racism issues.

Liam Booth-Isherwood said he had been “increasingly disillusioned” with the party’s actions and accused leader Nigel Farage of failing to take it seriously.

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