Weed products recalled for toxic mold: list inside

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  • US recalls weed products due to toxic mold
  • Mold linked to lung infections
  • List of tainted items provided for consumers’ safety

The United States has issued a recall of numerous marijuana products, including buds and rollups, as a result of the discovery of a toxic mould that is associated with respiratory infections. 

According to the Department of Cannabis Control (DCC) of California, the products may contain Aspergillus, a fungus that thrives on plants that are not preserved or dried properly. 

Inhaling Aspergillus can result in a variety of health problems, such as asthma attacks, coughing up blood, headaches, weight loss, and, in severe cases, mortality. 

Thirteen products were included in the mandatory recalls, including Tyson Undisputed Cannabis Flower from Northern Emerald, promoted by professional boxer Mike Tyson. 

The DCC initially issued a recall in January for the Gelato Orangeade hybrid cannabis flower and 12 others between February 21 and May 17, alleging that they contained Aspergillus. 

The JC Rad Flower, the UpNorth 3.5 gram flower, and the LAX Packs Premium Flower were among the other marijuana products that were impacted

In environments where the temperature remains at or near 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit, the toxic mould is frequently found on decaying vegetation, stored cereals, and marijuana leaves. 

When inhaled, aspergillus spores can colonize the airways, resulting in the formation of a fungus ball, also known as pulmonary aspergilloma. 

According to Biomerieux, a pioneer in microbiology testing and in vitro diagnostics, this can result in chronic coughing up blood or fatal haemorrhaging, even though it may be asymptomatic. 

The infection can be removed through surgery or embolization, a procedure that involves the insertion of a catheter to obstruct blood flow. Pulmonary aspergilloma can also manifest in the brain, kidney, or other organs. 

It exclusively sells products that have “passed the strictest testing protocols.” The 3.5-gram flower that was recalled had already completed DCC testing when it was introduced to the market, and it complied with state and local regulations. 

“The DCC subsequently selected a flower sample from a dispensary, retested it, and recalled the product months after its release,” the company stated. It also said, “UpNorth does not concur with the secondary testing methodology and was not informed of the standards used in this test.” 

The mandatory recall indicates that there is a significant health risk for consumers even though the DCC has not reported any severe health issues associated with the affected marijuana products. 

It is recommended that consumers who have purchased or used the products immediately contact their physician if they experience any adverse reactions or symptoms. Additionally, consumers should verify the packaging’s UID to determine whether it was included in the recall. 

The DCC advised consumers to dispose of the IUD or return it to the retailer for appropriate disposal if it matches a recalled product. 

According to the initial recalls, mould was the sole product issue. However, the DCC’s announcement on April 19 that it recalled the 8 Track 1.0 Gram Pre-roll product from Flagship Distribution revealed yet another problem. 

Not only did the product contain Aspergillus, but its label also indicated that there was a higher concentration of THC than was present. 

Créme Genetics has issued a mandatory recall order for the C-Creme Infused Pre-roll, which is a strain of marijuana from the Strawberry Cone variety. 

The company stated that the quantity contains Aspergillus, which poses a health risk to consumers. 

Furthermore, the cannabis product’s THC content labelling is inaccurate, resulting in its adulteration and misbranding. 

The marijuana packaging was advertised as containing 35.2 per cent THC on the label; however, the DCC determined that it contained only 19.8 per cent. 

The product’s drastic variance in the specified THC is illegal under California law, which permits a maximum difference of 10 per cent. Consequently, the product should have contained a 38.7 or 31.7 per cent difference. 

The Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Commission issued a recall of cannabis flower less than a year ago after it tested positive for Aspergillus and heavy metals like cadmium and mercury.

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In June of the previous year, they were discovered during a routine inventory audit of Oregon’s cannabis monitoring system. 

The agency discovered that the compromised products were sold to 75 distinct marijuana retailers between January and June 2023

Currently, recreational marijuana is legal in 24 states in the United States, while 38 states permit its use for medicinal purposes. 

Marijuana remains classified as a Schedule I substance, which is the same classification as narcotics such as heroin, ecstasy, and LSD. 

Nevertheless, the US Substance Enforcement Administration (DEA) recently disclosed its intention to reclassify marijuana as a Schedule III substance. This classification would align it with Tylenol, Codeine, Ketamine, and Anabolic Steroids.

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