Kia’s £30,000 EV3: Affordable 372-mile electric SUV

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  • Kia unveils EV3: affordable 372-mile electric SUV
  • EV3 offers 58.3kWh and 81.4kWh battery options
  • Interior emphasizes recycled materials and advanced tech

Kia, the brand that has successfully dominated the electric vehicle market with its award-winning and best-selling EV6, has recently unveiled its new EV3 model, designed to appeal to the lower end of the market. 

The compact SUV market will be introduced to the EV3, a cheaper and smaller vehicle with a “best-in-class battery range” and an extensive five-seat interior. 

The precise price has not yet been determined; however, Kia is aiming for £30,000, which could make it one of the most cost-effective family-sized electric SUVs in the United Kingdom when it arrives in November. 

The Kia EV3 is the third model in the Kia EV line-up. It employs the same bespoke electric platform and Opposites United’s design ethos as the larger, more expensive EV9. 

The EV3 derives most of its appearance and technological features from the approximately £65,000 substantial electric premium SUV. 

It is sculpted, boxy, and has a dominating upright posture, with the Kia ‘Tiger Face’ front and ‘Star Map’ lighting concept. 

Additionally, the car has been designed with a strong emphasis on aerodynamics to increase its range. 

As a result, the windscreen is raked and drastically slopes away. Additionally, eighty per cent of the underbody is concealed to mitigate turbulence. 

Two battery capacities are available: 58.3kWh and 81.4kWh, located beneath the body. 

The standard model will comprise the Standard Range 58.3kWh battery and an electric motor that generates 201bhp. It has a range of 254 miles and can accelerate from 0 to 62 mph in 7.4 seconds. 

In addition to producing 201bhp, the Long Range 81.4kWh battery is slightly heavier and slower, with a 0 to 62mph acceleration time of 7.7 seconds. However, as advertised, the range has been significantly enhanced, with the ability to travel up to 372 miles on a single charge. 

The Standard Range and Long Range are capable of ultra-rapid charging, with the former capable of plugging in up to 102kW and the latter up to 128kW. 

What is the meaning of this in plain English? A charge of 10 to 80% can be applied within a half-hour. 

The EV3 is incredibly convenient. It can charge vehicle-to-load or bidirectionally, with V2L, V2H, and V2G capabilities. This allows you to power a wide range of electronic appliances from the car’s battery pack. 

It is characterized by a mushroom interior (and we are not discussing the colour). 

Kia has developed nine colourways for the EV3, including four exclusive paint shades: Aventurine Green, Frost Clue, Terracotta, and Shale Grey. 

Kia executives have stated that the interior is designed to improve one’s well-being by adhering to a “nature-inspired aesthetic.” This aesthetic emphasizes using recycled and innovative materials derived from mushrooms and natural fibre weaving. 

Kia reports that the total amount of recycled material is 28.5kg. Additionally, the dashboard has a QR code that can be scanned to access information regarding Kia’s sustainability. 

There is ample space for five individuals to sit comfortably, as the dimensions are 4,300mm long, 1,850mm wide, and 1,560mm high. This renders it comparable in dimensions to the Volvo EX30 and Smart’s #1. 

Kia asserts that the cabin “emits a pleasant living-room atmosphere,” it can be personalized to your liking by recreating the seats and extending the centre console, which features a convenient movable tray that functions as a workspace. 

There is a 25-litre front boot and 460-litre rear load space, and the lower area of the console is spacious enough to accommodate food and drink, as well as a compact backpack. 

Ideal for family vacations, the luggage board is adjustable with two tiers and 140mm in height. 

The interior technology is typical of Kia EVs, with minimal controls and the same 12.3-inch screen as the EV9. These buttons are still on the steering wheel, a few on the centre console, and the door cards. 

A 12.3-inch digital display, a 12.3-inch head-up display, and a 5.3-inch climate control touchscreen accompany it. The first Kia to offer these stream-while-you-charge options, which Tesla is already recognized for, is in addition to the integrated Netflix and YouTube apps.

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Kia intends for the interior to be “technology-rich,” but it is difficult to fathom how additional features could have been accommodated. 

It will also include ChatGPT voice assist, although we are still determining whether anyone will wish to utilize it. You can anticipate a list of safety assistance features as extensive as a driver’s arm. 

Although the complete specifications have yet to be verified, it is anticipated that a mid-range GT-Line will be introduced later, as well as a GT-Line S similar to the EV6 trim configuration. Additionally, the complete pricing and delivery times will be disclosed. 

The MG ZS EV is the most affordable electric SUV in the United Kingdom, starting at £30,495. 

The EV6, which is more stylish and well-equipped, has the potential to be a genuine winner if it can undercut its Chinese competitor.

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