ChatGPT down! Users lose access to popular AI tool after website and app failure

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  1. ChatGPT outage impacts users globally
  2. OpenAI investigates unavailability
  3. Previous disruptions also affected

It is one of the most widely used AI applications on the internet, with approximately 13 million users per day.

However, ChatGPT experienced a significant disruption this morning, preventing users from accessing the app or website.

According to DownDetector, hundreds of individuals worldwide have been impacted since 8 a.m. BST.

OpenAI, the organisation responsible for ChatGPT, has acknowledged the outage in a statement, stating, “We are currently investigating this matter.”

People used X (Twitter) to express their frustration with the necessity of ‘thinking for themselves’ without an AI tool.

Down Detector obtains network status updates from a variety of sources, such as social media and reports submitted to its website.

The website indicates that 79% of those afflicted reported experiencing issues with ChatGPT in general.

On the other hand, 15% of respondents reported experiencing difficulties with the application, while 6% were unable to access the website.

One user on X reported that ChatGPT was unavailable. How dare they compel me to think independently!

Another individual made the following statement: “I have reached a new low; ChatGPT is down, and I have rushed to Twitter to verify whether it is truly the case. The extent to which it has affected my life is unreal.”

‘ChatGPT is down, and it’s completely ruining my morning,’ posted another user. I must cease to depend on this item to such an extent.

The company stated on its official ChatGPT status page that ChatGPT is unavailable for specific users.

It continued, “We are currently investigating this matter.”

MailOnline has reached out to OpenAI for additional information regarding the cause of the disruption and the number of individuals affected.

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ChatGPT has achieved significant success since its release in November 2022 due to its capacity to provide human-like responses to a diverse array of inquiries.

According to Tooltester, it attracted an average of 13 million unique visitors per day in January 2023.

It occurred mere weeks after a significant Microsoft disruption that caused thousands of users to be unable to access ChatGPT,, and DuckDuckGo.

OpenAI verified that “a partial outage impacted ChatGPT’s web-browsing capabilities as a result of Bing’s unavailability.”

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