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AI do! One groom composed his vows using ChatGPT.

Writing speeches, sending out invitations, and finding the ideal attire are just a few of the many tasks involved in planning a wedding.

Now, however, many couples are saying ‘AI do’ to ChatGPT, relying on artificial intelligence to plan their weddings.

When tested before her wedding, a bride-to-be confessed the bot’s ability to compose heartfelt wedding vows was superior to her own.

Lynnzee Highland from Seattle asked ChatGPT to write ‘funny and romantic’ words in a TikTok, adding, ‘My fiance knows how to make me giggle. We enjoy running together even though I can barely keep up.

AI do! One groom composed his vows using ChatGPT.

Also, we enjoy trekking and traveling. I am ecstatic about everything we will accomplish together and so proud of everything he has accomplished.

Initially, the algorithm generated cringeworthy results, such as “you’re the Robin to my Batman” and “the peanut butter to my jelly.”

However, when Lynnzee refined her request, the results were surprisingly intimate and romantic.

Her vows stated, “As we stand here on this special day, I am overcome with joy and affection. Since the first instant we met, you have made me laugh like no one else.

Even though I can barely keep up with you when we run, I always feel as though we are in ideal sync when we are together. And I know that no matter where we walk or travel, it is the journey with you that makes it genuinely memorable.

I cannot wait to accomplish things with you. As your partner, I promise to support you through the ups and downs of life. To be your rock in times of need and to celebrate our victories along the road.

“As we begin this new chapter in our lives, I pledge to love you unconditionally, to always be truthful with you, and to never take for granted the beautiful life we’re creating together.”

Meanwhile, AI strategist Justin Fineberg used the bot to compose a wedding eulogy for a friend.

In a TikTok, he stated, “The pressure is intense, as I am not a skilled speechwriter.” Therefore, I will type “Write me a wedding speech for my best friend.”

In his prompt, Justin mentioned several past experiences, including the time he “lost his keys in Italy” and how “his wife is a much better cook.”

In its speech, the bot mentioned these instances, stating, ‘One of my fondest memories with [name] was when we traveled to Italy together. Even though he is the most organized person I know, he lost his car keys on the first day of our journey.

Rather than panicking, [person] simply shrugged it off and found a solution. This solution required hotwiring a scooter and navigating it through Rome’s winding streets.

The sentence continued, ‘[Name] may be a wonderful filmmaker, but he will never be able to compete with Haley’s culinary abilities. I believe we should all be thankful that she agreed to marry [name] despite his total dearth of culinary skills.

These TikToks are released at a time when even wedding planners are recommending ChatGPT to engaged individuals.

Getting Married in Denmark praised the bot’s 24/7 support.

The bot could choose providers, venues, and create a “wedding vision” upon request.

ChatGPT can also recommend appropriate attire and help you draught invitations.

Rasmus Sorensen, director and co-owner of ChatGPT, told MailOnline: “ChatGPT can help you plan your dream wedding in Denmark by providing personalized advice and direction based on what you want and love.”

It can locate the ideal venue, match you with the best vendors, and handle all the necessary documentation and legalities. You can communicate with it whenever you require assistance or have concerns about your wedding. It will save you time and reduce your tension by providing immediate responses and direction.

The corporation has not replied to inquiries about how this may affect wedding planning business.

However, the company’s director stated, “You can relax and enjoy your engagement and wedding day while we handle everything.”

To make your wedding preparation stress-free and memorable, use AI.

Despite its efficacy, some have expressed concern about the effects of ChatGPT on interpersonal relationships.

One Twitter user posed the question, “What are the most immoral uses for ChatGPT?” I’ll start: wedding vows.’

Someone else added, “Holy flames! Is nothing holy?! #ChatGPT is being used by newlyweds to compose their vows, toasts, etc.

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