After his wife’s breast cancer diagnosis, James Cleverly feared losing her.

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Susie Cleverly was diagnosed with breast cancer while her husband was a Foreign Office minister and was undergoing treatment as he was promoted to the foreign secretary in September.

James Cleverly, secretary of state for foreign affairs, stated that he “could not speak or sleep” after learning that his wife had breast cancer.

Susie Cleverly, age 49, was diagnosed with triple-positive breast cancer in December 2021, exactly one year after discovering dimpled skin beneath her right breast.

Liz Truss was foreign secretary under the Boris Johnson administration when her husband was a minister in the Foreign Office.

After his wife's breast cancer diagnosis, james cleverly feared losing her.
After his wife's breast cancer diagnosis, james cleverly feared losing her.

The pair, who have been married for 29 years, met at university, and have two teenage kids, spoke… program about her diagnosis, how they have coped, and what it has been like to deal with all of this while holding one of the greatest offices of state.

Mrs. Cleverly called her husband, who was on the train to Westminster, to inform him that the doctor believed she had cancer.

She remarked, “I immediately burst into tears, and I believe I cried the majority of that day.”

I simply could not utter the words.

Mr. Cleverly, 53, who has been the Braintree representative since 2015, continued, “I said I’d return home.

“I had to call my private secretary at the Foreign Office to reschedule meetings so I could return home, and he asked, ‘Is everything all right, minister?’

Breast cancer diagnosis
After his wife's breast cancer diagnosis, james cleverly feared losing her.

“I attempted to convey that Susie may have cancer, but I couldn’t get the words out, I couldn’t speak – I like to speak, but I couldn’t speak.

“I said I’d text you, and this organization is incredible. Liz Truss was my employer at the time, and she was fantastic.

“I returned home, discussed the situation with Susie, and tried to call again to explain what was going on, but I was still unable to speak.

“For the following couple of hours, everything was conducted via WhatsApp, and it struck me; I had never felt that way before.”

Cancer was the most dreadful term.

Mrs. Cleverly then underwent approximately eight mammograms in one day, but nothing was detected until a scan revealed three tumors in her breast and a lymph node in her arm.

The MRI revealed the presence of more than 12 tumors.

She stated, “I was not afraid when they told me that.”

“I suppose the most frightening thing was the word ‘cancer,’ so after I accepted that I had cancer, I decided to move on with my life.”

The massive outpouring of compassion from all MPs

Mr. Cleverly stated that their relatives and friends have been “wonderful,” with many shaving their hair in solidarity and for charitable causes.

He stated that despite the “very competitive” nature of politics, MPs from all parties have been quite supportive.

“There was this overwhelming outpouring of compassion and kindness, even from individuals I didn’t know all that well,” he added.

Mrs. Cleverly became extremely ill as a result of her therapy, with her toenails falling out, her hives becoming infected, her face swelling, and stomach and mouth ulcers.

She has undergone a mastectomy, but she is currently undergoing immunotherapy to lower the risk of recurrence, and she is on the waiting list for reconstructive surgery.

“I feel so much more like myself,” she declared.

I feared I could lose her.

However, Mr. Cleverly confessed there were “a few occasions” when he feared he could lose his wife.

He fought back tears as he added, “I’ve never considered my mortality, and I’ve certainly never considered what it would be like to lose Susie, or what that could feel like – and then all of a sudden you have to address that. And we are near.”

The member of parliament, who was appointed foreign secretary by Ms. Truss in September, stated that he could not have accepted the position earlier in the year when she was undergoing chemotherapy.

Mrs. Cleverly stated, “I would have told you to proceed. But you could have done so.”

Her husband said, “Had you asked me six or seven months ago, when you were undergoing treatment, I do not believe I would have been able to give the task the energy and concentration I believe it deserves.

“She has always been incredibly supportive of my career. And I do travel a lot. I believe that both of us, and possibly just myself, are more appreciative of the time we do have together.

Therefore, when we are together, we are quite conscientious of maximizing the value and significance of that time.

Mr. Cleverly stated, about his occupation, that he firmly believes the Ukrainians would succeed in reclaiming “their nation” from Vladimir Putin, and that the best course of action would be for the Russians to go.

The world community will assist them until they achieve their objective, he continued. Whether or not this includes Crimea is up to the Ukrainian people and President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, he said.

“We are not going to… and no one should prescribe the terms of any settlement to the Ukrainians.” This will be for the Ukrainians, and they will have our support.”

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