Beware: ‘vampire facials’ pose HIV risk, Brits cautioned

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  • UK warned: ‘vampire facials’ pose HIV risk after US cases
  • Platelet-rich plasma injections may carry HIV transmission risk
  • UK grapples with beauty clinic regulation amid health concerns

Individuals in the United Kingdom who desire to appear more sprightly are advised against visiting unregulated beauty clinics for “vampire facials” due to the potential transmission of HIV. 

A patient receives platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections, which involve the administration of blood samples that have been centrifuged to separate the protein-rich plasma purported to have the ability to rejuvenate the epidermis, according to aestheticians. 

Kim Kardashian, Ferne McCann, her sister Kourtney, and others are among those who have undergone the treatments; however, precautions are being issued after at least three women who received the same treatments at a retreat in the United States contracted HIV. 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) determined in an investigation that the women most likely contracted the virus at the retreat in New Mexico where they were present due to “poor infection control practices.” 

The potential route of transmission of the disease was via the reutilization of contaminated instruments, such as needles or receptacles employed for blood storage. 

In contrast to other regions, the United Kingdom has no regulations regarding who may administer microneedling treatments like PRP injections and fillers, Botox, and microneedling treatments. 

Although training typically involves NVQs and other college-level credentials, registration is not a mandatory requirement for estheticians. 

Proponents of industry regulation in the beauty treatment sector have cautioned individuals in the United Kingdom who are interested in obtaining aesthetic enhancements from ‘backstreet’ practitioners at a discount to potentially jeopardize their well-being. 

Dawn Knight, a patient safety advocate, said that the CDC’s concerns regarding the New Mexico retreat were “widespread throughout the United Kingdom.” 

The individual stated, “I have heard of unsafe and unhygienic practices such as sharing needles, reusing partially used fillers after disposing of them,” and canines roaming the premises. 

Presently, aesthetics can be practiced by anyone in the United Kingdom without training or certification. In this country, non-health professionals are not even compelled to carry insurance for these procedures. 

“Those who do not comprehend the extent of the damage they can cause.” Zero accountability exists.’ 

After previous concerns, the United Kingdom is gradually intensifying its efforts to regulate non-surgical cosmetic treatments.  

In 2017, Public Health England was notified that three beauty salon employees in the northwest had sustained injuries while “using the identical needle microdermabrasion device.” All three were required to undergo virus testing, which fortunately was negative. 

Since the Health and Care Act of 2022 was amended to include the authority to establish a national licensing scheme for non-surgical cosmetic procedures, the United Kingdom government is presently contemplating how to implement such a scheme in England

Before this, both Scotland and Wales were consulted regarding the imposition of comparable initiatives using devolved powers. 

However, Ms. Knight further stated that progress on the scheme was “ostensibly glacial” and that it would require years to fully materialize years after it was enforced, all the while subjecting individuals to social media advertisements promoting inexpensive cosmetic procedures. 

“Because these treatments are even available on (buy now, pay later) Klarna, the influence of social media and the advertisements that people are fed… there are no checks and balances whatsoever,” she continued. 

Aesthetician Sadaf Jaffari, who has assisted celebrities including Blue star Duncan James with their appearance, advises individuals pursuing beauty treatments to conduct thorough research before scheduling appointments with uncertified practitioners. 

She stated, “Kim Kardashian has popularized PRP, and although it has its benefits, it is vital to be aware of the potential risks associated with this treatment.”  

A potential issue is the potential for blood contamination and infections to develop due to inadequate administration or management.  

“By ensuring that PRP treatments are administered exclusively at certified clinics by professionals registered with the Care Quality Commission, these risks can be mitigated.” 

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is a type of microneedle therapy in which blood is taken and centrifuged to isolate the platelet-rich plasma, which has the potential to promote the skin’s inherent healing mechanisms. 

Subsequently, the plasma is administered via minuscule needle punctures on the face.  

According to cosmetic professionals, the protein-rich extracts tighten acne scars and creases, resulting in a more youthful appearance for those who undergo the treatment.  

However, because PRP utilizes the patient’s blood, the treatment’s efficacy is also contingent on the patient’s health. 

Sadaf Jaffari further stated, “The patient’s lifestyle and diet have a significant impact on the efficacy of PRP.” 

The potential efficacy of re-injecting components from one’s blood into the epidermis may be compromised in the case of an unhealthy lifestyle or inadequate nutrition. 

Alternative treatments such as mesotherapy, medical needling, and exosomes present encouraging prospects in such circumstances. 

Ashton Collins, the director of Save Face, a registry of beauty treatment providers authorized by the government, has cautioned that individuals may inadvertently become prey to “cowboy” practitioners who, among other things, reuse equipment to save money and time.  

“Thousands of these practitioners operate in the United Kingdom; they frequently operate without oversight from their homes,” she said in remarks cited by The Times. 

“Therefore, the risk to the public is actually extremely, extremely high in terms of the transmission of blood-borne viruses or infection via shared needles and unsterile environments.” 

Kim Kardashian, who was among those who underwent the procedure in 2012, later stated on her defunct personal blog that she would never receive it again because she was pregnant and therefore required to undertake it without painkillers. 

It was extremely difficult and agonizing for me. Frankly, it was the most excruciating experience ever. She stated, “That is the one treatment I will never perform again.” 

“Although it wasn’t for me, I am certain it has countless positive effects on the skin.” Kourtney is an enormous devotee, and I know a great number of other individuals who share her enthusiasm.

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According to a new report from the CDC, however, at least three women who sought age-defying treatments at VIP Beauty Salon and Spa in Albuquerque, New Mexico left with HIV. 

The first woman to test positive for HIV after receiving a vampire facial was in the summer of 2018. She lacked any documented history of injectable drug use, recent blood transfusions, or sexual contact with an individual living with HIV. 

In 2018, the second and third women were also given vampire facials. One individual received a diagnosis of the initial phase of HIV in 2019 and was admitted to the hospital in 2023 due to the severity of her symptoms. 

Additionally, an individual male and female tested positive for HIV. The spa administered a vampire facial to the woman, whereas the male contracted the infection by engaging in sexual activity with her. He never availed himself of any wellness services. 

Owner Maria de Lourdes Ramos De Ruiz, 62, is incarcerated for three and a half years at the retreat in New Mexico. 

The National Health Service (NHS) initiated a campaign a year ago to promote Hepatitis C testing in response to concerns that tens of thousands of individuals are inadvertently infected with the virus through the use of sanitized cosmetic equipment. 

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