Over 400 jobs lost as Haleon closes UK production site

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  • Haledon closes UK plant, cutting 436 jobs by 2026
  • Cost-cutting measures aim to reduce debts, reorient product portfolio
  • Oral health production shifted to Slovakia, investment in UK R&D

As an effort to reduce expenses, the largest independent consumer healthcare provider in the world, Haledon, will shut down its production facility in the United Kingdom, resulting in the loss of hundreds of employment.  

A spokesperson for the company verified to Reuters that the closure of the Maidenhead facility, which manufactures oral health brands such as Sensodyne toothpaste, will result in the elimination of approximately 436 positions by 2026. 

Haleon has implemented an annual cost-cutting initiative amounting to £300 million since its spin-off by GSK in 2022, with the primary objective of reducing debts.  

In addition, it has been reorienting its portfolio by divesting from products such as Chapstick for irritated lips and Lamisil, which treats fungal nail infections. 

The phased closure of the Maidenhead location, which is anticipated to be finalized in the second quarter of 2026, is an initiative of Haleon to become a more “agile” company while maintaining its expanding supply chain, according to a Haleon spokesperson.  

They further stated, “Since a strategic review of our global manufacturing capabilities, it has been determined that our Maidenhead facility is no longer a feasible alternative for product manufacturing.” 

Oral health products comprise approximately one-third of the total sales of Haleon. Due to the cessation of the Maidenhead facility, the organization will relocate toothpaste production to its headquarters in Levice, Slovakia.

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The specifics regarding the transition of mouthwash production to a third-party contract manufacturer remain undisclosed. 

The spokesperson further stated, “As a UK-listed company, Haleon maintains a significant presence in the United Kingdom.”  

More than 130 million pounds are being invested in a new, cutting-edge, internationally renowned oral health research and development facility in Weybridge.” 

Haleon shares increased 1.84 percent to 337.40 pence in trading on Tuesday afternoon. 

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