Ramsay Street will return to Neighbors next year.

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After 37 years on television, the residents of Ramsay Street are returning, just months after saying an emotional farewell.

Amazon Freevee and Fremantle have announced that a new series of Neighbours will begin filming in Australia in 2019.

The continuation of the long-running daily drama series about the lives loves, and challenges of the residents of a fictional Melbourne suburb comes after the finale, which was viewed by millions of viewers earlier this year.

Ramsay street will return to neighbors next year.
Ramsay street will return to neighbors next year.

The revived series will debut exclusively for free on Amazon Freevee in the United Kingdom and the United States.

The series will also be available on Prime Video in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Production is scheduled to commence early in 2023, with a world debut anticipated in the second half of the year.

Stefan Dennis (Paul Robinson), Ryan Moloney (Jarrod “Toadfish” Rebecchi), Alan Fletcher (Karl Kennedy), and Jackie Woodburne (Susan Kennedy), who played Karl Kennedy’s on-screen wife, are returning to reprise their roles on the soap opera.

In a social media teaser trailer announcing the return of the show, Woodburne, 66, is seen in character presenting the news to the other characters;

Neighbours to be back on air
Ramsay street will return to neighbors next year.

She exclaims, “We’re returning!” to which Moloney responds, “I’m there!” Fletcher responds, “That’s fine with me.”

“Hold on, let me check my schedule,” says Dennis, adding, “Okay, I’ll make myself accessible. Happy?”

“We’re coming back!” said Maloney, Fletcher, and Woodburne as they embraced one another.

In 1985, the soap opera debuted in Australia before making its way to the United Kingdom the following year.

Although the series has lost viewers in recent years, it has always been popular in the United Kingdom as the Australian cousin of its British counterparts.

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