David Baddiel calls Kanye West’s anti-Semitic comments ‘destructive’ and ‘perpetuating violence’

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David Baddiel, a comedian, said that Kanye West has “crazy” and “destructive” opinions and would always find a way to broadcast them, even if journalists try to stop him.

David Baddiel has told that Kanye West is “dangerous” and “promotes stereotypes and violence.”

It comes after West told Alex Jones, a far-right broadcaster, during an interview that he liked Adolf Hitler, the man responsible for the Holocaust.

Later, the musician tweeted a picture of a swastika, resulting in a second ban from the network.

David baddiel calls kanye west's anti-semitic comments 'destructive' and 'perpetuating violence'
David baddiel calls kanye west's anti-semitic comments 'destructive' and 'perpetuating violence'

Baddiel, a comedian and writer who advocates against antisemitism, told that West is “dangerous.”

He stated, “It’s risky because Kanye has so many followers.”

“People love Kanye because he’s an excellent artist and a very prominent guy, and so… what he says continues to be taken seriously, and what he says is dangerous to Jews because it indicates that… there’s this notion that Jews are subhuman, which is exactly what the Nazis felt.

That Jews are capable of controlling and manipulating the rest of humanity in a manner that alienates them.

Baddiel said, “This leads to the murder of Jews and led to the murder of Jews during World War II, but it also leads to the murder of Jews now.

David baddiel
David baddiel calls kanye west's anti-semitic comments 'destructive' and 'perpetuating violence'

“The idea is that there is a direct correlation between a powerful person with a wide platform and the perpetuation of these prejudices and violence in the actual world.”

Kanye West is ‘not listening

The comedian also told that debating West on the topics is pointless since “he’s not listening” to others.

He stated, “I suppose the trouble with Kanye is that he will constantly be granted a platform.”

“Like, Alex Jones of InfoWars is interrupting him. Alex Jones himself says a great deal of horribly dangerous and dreadful things, thus it is evident that he is speaking in a similarly harmful manner.

“However, because of the internet, if Kanye does not say it there, he will say it somewhere. Because he is Kanye West, he will always be granted a platform, and whatever he does will always be amplified.

“In my opinion, there is no purpose in engaging in dialogue with Kanye because he is not listening.

“He’s got his insane and dangerous opinions, and he wants to hold on to them. I do not believe you can debate with him.”

Conspiracy theories regarding Jews are a “global issue.”

Baddiel, who recently produced a documentary on antisemitism, also stated that conspiracy theories regarding Jewish people are a “global phenomenon” and not limited to the United States.

“You can very much point to any conspiracy theory and the conclusion will be ‘it was the Jews,'” he remarked.

“The reason for this is that conspiracy theorists want to believe that they’ve uncovered the supervillains who govern the planet.

“It returns to the notion that Jews are powerful – but Jews are not powerful.

“The Jewish history is a long catalog of disempowerment, but people have this imagination that Jews are powerful – and it leads to a whole raft of conspiracy theories which are very popular in America, but very much gaining ground here, that it’s okay to fight back, to punch back against Jews, which would not be okay with any other minority.”

He added: “I will be told by individuals who don’t consider themselves in any way antisemitic, ‘oh it doesn’t matter about saying nasty things about Jews because Jews are rich and Jews can take it.

“And that may not seem particularly hazardous to them, but it’s completely consistent with the belief that ‘Jews control the banks, Jews control all the money, and Jews control the globe, which is why we must destroy them.

“So what I believe I’ve been trying to do by talking about this is expose people to what you might call their unconscious prejudices, which in the end, through conspiracy theories and through the things that individuals like Kanye say, leads to a very awful place indeed.”

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