Black Adam premiere: Dwayne Johnson addresses Liz Truss turmoil: Ready for another Johnson PM?

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In his latest film, Black Adam, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson portrays a superhero for the first time. At the UK premiere in London, he explained why this is the most significant role of his life, and he also considered running for prime minister.

Dwayne Johnson, one of the highest-paid actors in the world and largely regarded as one of Hollywood’s nice men is frequently asked if he would consider running for president.

However, when he visits the United Kingdom, which is currently experiencing a little amount of political unrest, he should relocate to Number 10 to try to resolve the situation.

Johnson referred to his political namesake as he questioned whether the United Kingdom would be ready for him.

Black adam premiere: dwayne johnson addresses liz truss turmoil: ready for another johnson pm?
Black adam premiere: dwayne johnson addresses liz truss turmoil: ready for another johnson pm?

“Are you prepared for another Johnson premiership?” he said. “Perhaps Rock as prime minister?”

Johnson, better known as The Rock from his days as a professional wrestler, gives up little information.

I will say this… It is wonderful to return to London. I will inform you of that.”

More than half (55%) of Tory members, according to a YouGov poll, say that Liz Truss should quit immediately, and over a third (32%) believe that her predecessor Boris Johnson would be the best person to replace her as prime minister.

Johnson (The Rock, not the former PM) has responded multiple times to calls in the United States for him to run for president, stating in a recent CNN interview, “I have seriously considered it. You must do so. 50% of the country would vote for me if I were to run for office, and that has moved me.

In a September 2020 video endorsement of Joe Biden, Gary Johnson described the forthcoming election as “probably the most crucial in decades.”

The celebrity stated at the time that he was a “political independent and moderate” who had previously voted for both the Democrats and Republicans.

The most significant role in my life

Politics is currently on the back burner, though, since his acting career shows little indication of slowing down.

Johnson has already portrayed various action men and rough characters, but Black Adam is his first superhero role.

He characterizes the film, based on the DC Comics character of the same name, as a “passion project” that he pushed to make a reality while some studio executives doubted its commercial viability.

Teth Adam is an anti-hero slave endowed with Superman’s abilities who has been imprisoned for 5,000 years for using his abilities for vengeance. In current times, when he wields his dark sense of justice, he is challenged by the Justice Society, a group of heroes.

Johnson, a former professional wrestler with a physique that lends itself to playing a superhero, has stated that this was the only character he wanted to play, writing on Instagram before the film’s premiere: “When I was a child and I read my first Black Adam comic…

“He was a minority hero.

“That was important to me then.

As it pertains to me now, ALL children around the world will finally be able to identify with Black Adam.

Johnson told that Black Adam was the “most significant film of my entire career.”

He continued: “I consider it to be the most significant role of my life. And what I mean by that, for context, is that I feel as though everything I’ve done has led to Black Adam.

“I also feel that Black Adam signifies a commitment and determination to keep pushing, when… many people over the past 15 years questioned whether bringing Black Adam to the public had any actual worth. Will people like him?

And I honestly believed in my heart that if we do the film correctly, we can build a figure that people can identify with.

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