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Munich Airport reopens; flights ‘heavily restricted’ after German freezing rain

  • Munich Airport: Weather Disruptions
  • Limited flights after storms
  • Regional chaos, accidents, interruptions

All flights to and from the airport were temporarily halted due to inclement weather impacting the Bavarian region. Although the airport has resumed operations, the number of flights has been drastically reduced.

Munich Airport has resumed operations, albeit with a significantly diminished flight schedule following its closure caused by severe frigid storms.

On Tuesday morning, freezing precipitation in Germany compelled the airport to cancel or postpone all aircraft. Only 100 takeoffs and landings were scheduled for the day, considerably fewer than the norm.

Flights to London, Paris, and Amsterdam have been cancelled, while those to Vienna, Boston, and Doha have already departed.

Passenger Advisory and Airport Conditions

Passengers were advised not to rebook at the airport due to “insufficient capacity available.” Instead, they were encouraged to contact their airline in advance to determine the flight’s status.

The second-largest airport in the nation previously reported “extreme” ice on its runways and apron, where aircraft are parked, adding that “a thick layer of ice as smooth as glass” covered the area.

Following the grounding of all aircraft at the airport on Saturday due to heavy snowfall engulfing the city and the southern state of Bavaria, the suspensions have been implemented.

Statewide chaos ensued due to inclement weather, causing auto accidents and disrupting train connections.

The road surface was reportedly frozen with precipitation when a car collided with a tractor in Upper Bavaria, resulting in the deaths of two individuals.

The A99 motorway was purportedly closed in both directions near Munich due to a mass accident involving thirteen vehicles.

A fatality occurred in Saxony when a school bus was involved in an accident in the Erzgebirge mountains. At least ten others were transported to the hospital, with two adults suffering severe injuries, including the bus driver.

Deutsche Bahn, a train operator, predicted that the Munich region would experience interruptions for multiple days.

Austria and Switzerland, adjacent to Germany, have also encountered substantial precipitation disrupting public transport, giving rise to apprehensions regarding potential avalanches.

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