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New lawsuits accuse Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs of sexual assault.

  • Woman accuses Combs of assault
  • Lawsuit filed under NY Adult Survivors Act
  • Recent lawsuits prompt response

The third woman suing rap impresario Sean “Diddy” Combs in the United States has accused him of sexual assault.

According to the new allegation, in 1990 or 1991, he and singer-songwriter Aaron Hall alternated in committing rapes against the woman and her companion.

American news organizations, including Rolling Stone, have acquired legal papers.

A spokesperson for Mr. Combs stated, “These are spurious allegations of wrongdoing that were filed at the eleventh hour and date back more than three decades.

“Absolutely, this is a money grab.” The representative stated, “He is an easy target for anonymous accusers who lie for financial gain.”

The New York Adult Survivors Act, which permits alleged victims of sex offenses to file a lawsuit after the statute of limitations has expired, expires on November 24. This coincides with the flurry of recent cases.

Impact on Prominent Individuals and Act’s Intent

Recognizing the impact trauma can have on survivors of sexual assault and its potential to discourage individuals from coming forward, they enacted the act.

The conduct has prompted sexual assault lawsuits against several prominent individuals, including Jamie Foxx and Axl Rose. Each individual refuted the accusations levied against them.

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In her most recent filing, the woman identified as Jane Doe asserts that she and her companion met Mr. Combs and Mr. Hall at a New York event hosted by a record label.

The woman alleges that [Mr] Combs “coerced her into having sex” after that at Mr. Hall’s residence. Where the two men allegedly extended drinks to the pair and subsequently invited them back.

The lawsuit also claims that a few days later, Mr. Combs visited Jane Doe’s residence and became violent. “He was worried that [Jane Doe’s friend] would tell the girl he was with at the time what he and Hall had done to them,” according to the report.

The lawsuit, which was submitted to the Supreme Court of New York County, asserts that Jane Doe “communicated the incident to her intimate companions and relatives.” She allegedly sought medical treatment “to recover from the trauma that had been inflicted upon her.”

Recent Lawsuits and Spokesperson’s Response

This marks the third lawsuit filed against Mr. Combs for sexual assault this month. A second lawsuit filed on Thursday claimed that in 1991, Mr. Combs sexually assaulted the plaintiff, Joi Dickerson-Neal.

She claims that the rapper administered drugs to her at the time, which “put her in a physical state in which she was unable to stand or walk independently.”

The lawsuit claims that he drove Ms. Dickerson-Neal to his residence, where he subsequently subjected her to a sexual assault.

A Mr. Combs spokesperson stated that the allegations were “completely unfounded” and “entirely a money grab.”

A spokesperson for Mr. Combs stated about the Adult Survivors Act that the “last-minute lawsuit is an illustration of how a law that is sincerely intended to help others can be inverted.”

Statement from Joi Dickerson-Neal

Ms. Dickerson-Neal issued the following statement on Friday: “Great relief” resulted from filing the lawsuit.

She stated, “I feel a veil has lifted, enabling me to confidently progress towards realizing my complete capabilities.”
Last week, Mr. Combs’ ex-partner, the R&B vocalist Cassie Casandra Ventura, resolved the initial sexual assault lawsuit.

Ms. Ventura accused the music entrepreneur of rape and sex trafficking. Between 19 and 37, the rap producer allegedly molested and assaulted her for ten years.

The parties struck a settlement the day following the filing of the lawsuit.

Mr. Combs refuted Ms. Ventura’s allegations, and his attorney stated that the settlement agreement did not acknowledge guilt.

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