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Scientists resurrect Edith Piaf’s voice with AI to ‘narrate’ her biopic

  • Piaf biopic with AI narration
  • Technological training for authenticity
  • Chronicling Piaf’s life journey

Despite having passed away more than six decades ago, Edith Piaf’s radiant vocals will continue to enchant music enthusiasts in her own biopic.

The forthcoming film ‘Piaf’, chronicling her turbulent life, will be narrated by an AI recreation of her distinctive voice.

To “revitalise” Piaf’s voice and image, scientists from Warner Music Group have trained artificial intelligence on hundreds of Piaf recordings, some over eighty years old.

Animated Insights into Piaf’s Life

In addition to archival footage, animation will be used to recount Piaf’s ascent to icon status, including some previously unknown details.

Collaborating with Edith’s Estate

The film’s inspiration, Julie Veille, asserts that this will “assist in modernising her story for the twenty-first century.”

Travaille remarked, “Collaborating with Edith’s Estate has been an immense honour.”

“Our objective is to employ the most recent technological and animation developments to captivate audiences of all ages with this timeless tale.”

Exclusively AI-generated narration will comprise the film, with the exception of a few authentic renditions of Piaf’s iconic tracks (‘La Vie en Rose’ and ‘Non, Je ne regrette rien’).

Scientists resurrect Edith Piaf's voice with AI to 'narrate' her biopic

Executors of Edith Piaf’s Estate, Catherine Glavas, and Christie Laume remarked, “Being able to hear Edith’s voice again has been a special and moving experience; the technology has made it feel as though we were back in the room with her.”

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At this time, the film is undergoing proof-of-concept development; Warner Music Group has formed a partnership with Seriously Happy, a production company, to see the project through to completion.

Piaf’s Remarkable Journey and War-Time Controversy

The cinematic production will chronicle Piaf’s ascent from modest origins to become one of France’s most venerated artists, spanning the decades 1920 to 1960.

Her acrobat and vocalist parents reportedly left her in the care of her grandmother, who operated a brothel, while they performed on the road. She was born in 1915.

Nevertheless, during her youth, Edith embarked on a musical career after her father realized that he could earn more money by bringing her on stage with him.

In the 1940s, Piaf rose to prominence, but the outbreak of World War II placed her career on hold.

She faced allegations of collaboration with the Nazis during the war on account of her performances at concentration centers for French prisoners of war in Germany.

Nevertheless, Piaf’s captors returned the photographs to Paris and used them to fabricate counterfeit documents and passports, securing the release of the prisoners.

Later, resistance leaders verified that Piaf had smuggled maps and compasses into prisoners of war as part of these tours to aid their escape plans.

Following three separate automobile collisions, Piaf developed a morphine addiction and passed away in 1963 at the age of 47.

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