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Israel-Hamas war: Five IDF Gaza tunnel solutions

  • Gaza tunnels pose challenges
  • IDF explores various solutions
  • Special forces, explosives, foam

There are tunnels spanning hundreds of kilometers beneath Gaza. Israel asserts that Hamas utilizes them to conduct attacks, smuggle in products, and store weapons. How precisely will the IDF enter the tunnels?

Hamas’s extensive network of subterranean tunnels presents one of the greatest obstacles for Israeli ground forces during their operation in Gaza.

Hundreds of kilometers in length and up to 80 meters (262 feet) in depth, the system is utilized for a variety of purposes. Such as storing weapons, conducting attacks, and smuggling products.

Additionally, it is believed that over two hundred Israeli hostages are being held captive within the catacombs.

However, they are difficult to locate, frequently concealed beneath any kind of structure. How then will the IDF respond to them?

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Chris Morris, a military expert, stated the options available to Israeli forces are fivefold…

Deploying special forces:

He elaborated that although Israel lacks complete knowledge of the tunnel network’s extent, it is well-informed and has formed a “special military unit” to counteract its activities. “They are exceptionally well-trained and extremely well-equipped.” The military education teaching fellow stated, “They have psychological countermeasures and tests to ensure they are mentally robust enough to, if necessary, descend into those tunnels.”He further stated that initially, the IDF would dispatch unmanned vehicles to inspect the tunnels for booby traps and gather substantial evidence of tunnel activity. Israel, however, will strive to avert “tunnel fighting at all costs” and will never prefer to deploy troops underground. Instead, Israeli forces should ideally attempt to “cap off” the tunnels…

Destruction of tunnel entrances:

Mr. Morris stated that Israel could accomplish this through explosives or bulldozing.He stated that there are a variety of very basic physical methods for removing them; however, the difficulty lies in identifying them.Although a mere obstruction of the tunnels will yield a result, it is preferable to possess knowledge of their contents.

Destroy the entrance using foam explosives:

A sponge bomb or foam bomb is a specialized chemical device that rapidly solidifies a blast of expanding foam. Mr. Morris stated that this is one of the Israeli marvel weapons. They discharge these canisters, which block the tunnels effectively.One drawback for Israel is that these solutions are only temporary in nature. Over an extended period of time, the froth may be eliminated.


As a fourth resort, Israel might consider emulating a strategy that Egypt previously employed to combat smuggling: the disposal of effluent through tunnels.”This is an exceptionally efficient resolution,” Mr. Morris stated. Military-wise, it would be logical for them to employ it in the event that the circumstances come together. Nonetheless, such an action might not be politically correct and could exacerbate the humanitarian crisis that is already escalating throughout the area.

From above:

He stated that the last resort is to employ advanced weaponry to strike the tunnels from above. Mr. Morris elaborated that Israel possesses a substantial stockpile of land-penetrating weapons that are capable of being delivered from the sky, including bunker busters. Nevertheless, the utilization of precision-guided munitions may result in “considerable collateral damage.”

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