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Dublin riots follow school stabbing; police car, buses set ablaze

  • Dublin stabbing sparks riots
  • Far-right ideology blamed
  • Multiple injuries; suspect arrested

“As anger increases in the capital of Ireland in the wake of the attack in Parnell Square East, which injured two adults and three young children, there are clashes between police and rioters.

After three young children were stabbed outside a primary school in Dublin, police have alleged that a ‘completely hooligan lunatic faction driven by far-right ideology’ is responsible for the violent protests.

While one of the children, a five-year-old girl, and a woman in her 30s are being treated in the hospital for critical injuries, protesters have discharged flares and fireworks at law enforcement.

As a result of the unrest surrounding the stabbings in Parnell Square East, a police car and two double-decker buses have been set on fire in the city centre, where officers armed with riot shields are containing crowds.

A damaged Luas tram has also caught fire as violence persists in the heart of Dublin’s O’Connell Street.

Amidst the mayhem, Stephen Murphy has observed individuals robbing a Foot Locker in the city. Additionally, he has witnessed individuals slash the entrance of an Asics store with metal rods.

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Rioters are attempting to strike and punch police officers, and bottles are being hurled during the ongoing scuffles.

To maintain order, a Garda public order unit has been deployed.

Authorities suspect the stabbing was a ‘ad hoc assault’

Regarding the stabbings, a suspect has been apprehended. And police have stated that the incident is not being investigated as a terrorist attack.

The force added, however, that they are not ‘excluding any motive.’

Superintendent Liam Geraghty informed the media earlier at a press conference that the five-year-old girl was undergoing ’emergency medical treatment’ subsequent to the stabbings. Furthermore, he stated that the stabbing rampage seemed to be a ‘isolated assault.’

SI Geraghty said a guy in his 50s, a five-year-old boy, and a six-year-old daughter were hospitalised with minor injuries. The youngster was subsequently released from the Children’s Health Ireland facility at Crumlin Hospital.

People are urged to disregard ‘misinformation’ in the wake of ‘serious violence’

Garda Commissioner Drew Harris told journalists outside Mountjoy Garda Station, in the aftermath of the rioting, ‘I believe there are scenes that are disgraceful in terms of a significant investigation, scene maintenance, and evidence collection.

‘Along with a completely insane hooligan faction motivated by far-right ideology, this disruptive tendency has also resorted to grave violence.’

‘We are allocating resources to address that matter, and it will be dealt with in an appropriate manner.’ I have provided comprehensive guidance to our personnel regarding the process of apprehending criminals and ensuring their accountability.

‘Part of our duty to ensure that the streets are policed is to request that individuals exercise responsible behaviour and refrain from being swayed by the misinformation and rumours that are prevalent on social media.’

Even though the facts are becoming clearer, a lot of the rumours are still not clear. And they are being spread with bad intentions.

For the disturbances, a ‘thuggish and manipulative element’ is targeted

Justice Minister Helen McEntee of Ireland issued the following statement: ‘Today’s heinous assault in the heart of Dublin was an abhorrent heiny that has astonished everyone.

‘An Garda Siochana are committed to a specific line of inquiry and have no further suspects in connection with this offence on their minds.’ A culpable individual will be apprehended.

However, the images in our city centre this evening are abhorrent and will not be condoned.

An element that is sly and manipulative must be prevented from wreaking devastation with an appalling tragedy.

‘Eyewitnesses were instrumental’ in preventing the attack

Kids who witnessed the first stabbings stated a man with a knife “attack several young people” leaving school.

As an Irish-speaking primary institution, all academic instruction would be conducted in Irish.

Murphy stated that bystanders and eyewitnesses appear to have significantly contributed to the cessation of this incident.

According to eyewitness accounts, a number of bystanders attempted to intervene and restrain this individual.

He stated that Parnell Square was ‘right in the heart of Dublin city’ and a notoriously busy area.

Mary Lou McDonald, a representative for Dublin Central and leader of the Irish opposition party Sinn Fein, stated, ‘The community is numb and horrified.’

This is the last thing one would anticipate transpiring in the heart of Dublin on a Thursday afternoon.

The school community is exceptional, and those who have suffered trauma and injuries have the compassion of all.

McDonald also referred to the impacted school as Gael Cholaiste Mhuire in a post on the social media platform X.”

Concrete crisis narrowly avoided in schools: scathing report


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