Connecticut police arrest father ‘trying to drown children’ at beach

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  • Father attempts to drown children
  • Officer hears screaming, intervenes
  • Children hospitalized, father in custody

According to authorities in West Haven, an officer heard “significant screaming taking place from the water” as the children were being treated in intensive care following the event.

Police stopped a father as he attempted to drown his two tiny children at a beach in the United States, according to authorities.

Authorities said an officer was on patrol in West Haven, Connecticut when he noticed a Nissan SUV parked on the beach at around 2:30 a.m. local time (7.30 a.m. UK time) on Saturday.

The officer approached the vehicle after hearing “significant screaming from the water,” according to the force.

The West Haven Police Department stated that he noticed an adult guy and two little children in the water as the officer approached the noise.

As the officer entered the water, the adult male began to drift away with the children, yelling at the responding cops to stay back, according to the force.

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Police stated that it was “obvious at this point” that the dad was “deliberately drowning his children”.

When responding cops reached the dad and the children, they were around 100 yards from the shore.

The first officer reached the children, and other cops assisted with their transportation to land.

The youngsters were given lifesaving measures and brought to a hospital, where they remained in intensive care on Saturday, according to authorities.

On Saturday, the father was in custody.

“It is without a doubt that the swift response by our patrol officers saved the lives of these children,” police stated in a statement.

The incident is still under investigation.

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