Sacked British ambassador to Mexico for ‘pointing gun at staff’

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  • UK ambassador to Mexico removed for brandishing assault rifle
  • Incident occurred during an official trip in April
  • Foreign Office implemented measures after the video emerged

According to reports, Jon Benjamin was on an official trip when he purportedly retrieved a firearm from the vehicle in which he was travelling. The Foreign Office declared it had implemented “appropriate measures” after the incident.

The British ambassador to Mexico has been removed from his position following the publication of a video online in which he is seen allegedly brandishing an assault rifle at an embassy employee.

Jon Benjamin is depicted in the video, which was shared on X, levelling the firearm at an individual whose face has been obscured.

The post that accompanies the clip reads, “He dares to joke in a context of daily killings in Mexico by drug dealers.”

According to the Financial Times on Friday, the ambassador was purportedly removed from his post after the incident, which occurred during an official trip to the states of Durango and Sinaloa in April.

Drug cartels are prevalent in both states.

Mexico has a lengthy history of cartel violence, with an estimated 30,000 murders per year.

A spokesman for the UK Foreign Office stated, “We are cognizant of this incident and have implemented the necessary measures.

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The FCDO has established robust HR protocols to address any internal issues that may arise.

Mr. Benjamin’s LinkedIn page indicates that his tenure as ambassador concluded in May, and a biography on the United Kingdom government website indicates that he served as the “UK Ambassador to Mexico from 2021 to 2024.

According to the Foreign Office website, Mr Benjamin “began his career in the Diplomatic Service in 1986 and has since represented the British government in the United States, Indonesia, Turkey, Ghana, and Chile.

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