“Fairytale economics” is now a nightmare, according to Ian Blackford.

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Ian Blackford has called the economic ambitions of the Conservatives a “nightmare.”

The leader of the SNP in the House of Commons stated that Liz Truss and Kwasi Kwarteng produced “the worst first impression in the history of British politics.”

In addition, he stated that “the Budget’s inequity and incompetence would go down as one of the worst financial interventions in contemporary history.”

He stated during his party’s conference that Scotland should not be “chained to Westminster’s chaos.”

"fairytale economics" is now a nightmare, according to ian blackford.
"fairytale economics" is now a nightmare, according to ian blackford.

During his speech in Aberdeen, he stated, “What was once ‘fairytale economics,’ used to entice votes from Tory members in the summer, has become everyone else’s worst nightmare this fall and winter.”

He issued a challenge to Conservative legislators.

This is a test for the new Conservative rebels who are multiplying mysteriously every day.

If they have any sense of morality – if they have any backbone – they will join us in opposing any reduction to benefits in real terms and any return to austerity.

He said, “Britain is today bankrupt and in ruins.” Your homes, your pensions, and your salaries are not safe under Westminster authority.

This is a cost, a risk, and a price that Scotland can no longer afford to pay.

The three-day summit is the first time the party has met in person since before the Covid outbreak.

Earlier, deputy leader Keith Brown criticized the British government, stating that Liz Truss was “a symptom of Westminster’s disarray.”

“She has brought more chaos and uncertainty than even the most gloomy prediction,” he stated of Liz Truss.

As Nicola Sturgeon, leader of the SNP looked on, he continued: “In less than a month, she has destroyed the economy; jeopardized the pensions of millions; lifted the cap on bankers’ bonuses; announced and then reversed her position on income tax cuts for the wealthy; sparked a debt crisis; and demonstrated to the world that she is uniquely unqualified for the position.

“It is hardly surprising that she has produced a state of turmoil.

“She has been a minister in the Tory government for ten years, serving under Cameron, May, and Johnson. From austerity to Brexit, she has participated in imposing the worst Tory policies on the British people.

“It is a sobering thought that when the history of 2022 is written, it will reflect that Boris Johnson was not even the worst prime minister this year.”

“Disorder at Westminster”

Mr. Brown added: “What is evident is that Liz Truss is a symptom of the dysfunction at Westminster – not the cause.

The mere fact that she and her policy agenda were deemed acceptable enough to enter Downing Street speaks volumes.

The deputy leader urged members to be unified and to struggle for independence with compassion.

He stated that how the SNP runs its campaign is an advertisement for Scotland he desires.

Mr. Brown also stated that the Westminster system was irreparable, stating that Labour was merely a conduit for further Tory dominance.

He criticized Labour, calling its leader Sir Keir Starmer “simply another Tony Blair” and accusing the party of being “as Trumpian as the Conservatives in its denial of Scottish democracy.”

‘Deeply damaging Brexit’

He stated to the delegates, “It is undeniable that the SNP has a mandate to call an independence referendum.

“However, Labour always sides with the Conservatives to retain Westminster power, regardless of the cost to the people of Scotland.” Labour supports the extremely harmful Brexit, which was rejected by Scotland’s voters.

“It bears repeating that Labour supports Brexit and opposes any Scottish desire for our nation to rejoin the European family of countries.

“And never forget, never forgive that in 2014 Labour championed the No campaign narrative that only a No vote would bring economic stability.”

Disrupting the duopoly

Currently, Liz Truss and her government in the United Kingdom are rather clear targets for the SNP; for seasoned politicians, it’s like shooting fish in a barrel.

However, it is striking that both of the keynote speakers on the first day have criticized Labour.

The SNP and the Conservatives have sought to contest Scottish politics as a binary contest for years, as the parties of independence and the union, as it is advantageous for both to exclude Labour as a third party.

With Ms. Truss’s party struggling and Labour attempting to gain traction as a genuine alternative, there is a real chance that this duopoly will be broken.

Consequently, the SNP is beginning to search for ways to target Labour as well, primarily by linking them to Brexit.

Mr. Brown stated the party’s intention to enter the “broadcasting arena.”

The first episode of this new show would focus on the argument over Scotland’s future, he informed the conference.

Scotland’s Voices appeared to be a podcast, as a one-minute clip featuring Glasgow residents’ reactions to the prime minister was uploaded to podcast streaming sites.

On Monday, Nicola Sturgeon will offer her keynote address.

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