During Just Stop Oil rallies, a police officer was injured due to M25 congestion.

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A police officer was hurt on the M25 as a result of climate protests that shut down portions of the highway in Kent, Surrey, Essex, and Hertfordshire.

The police motorcycle officer was injured in an accident involving two trucks and a mobile roadblock.

The Just Stop Oil group, which has been protesting for three days, reported that approximately ten protesters had climbed onto overhead gantries in “several areas.”

The home secretary instructed the police to be more resolute against protestors.

In a Wednesday lecture, Suella Braverman stated that “disruption is a menace to our way of life.”

During just stop oil rallies, a police officer was injured due to m25 congestion.
During just stop oil rallies, a police officer was injured due to m25 congestion.

She addressed the Police Chiefs Conference as follows: “I urge you all to fulfill your civic responsibilities by policing protesters.

“In recent months and years, confidence in the police’s ability to take action against radicals, road blockers, vandals, militants, and extremists has eroded.

“It is not a human right to deface an artwork. It is not a violation of civil rights to prevent ambulances from reaching the sick and injured.”

Police officer hurt 1
During just stop oil rallies, a police officer was injured due to m25 congestion.

The condition of the officer who was hurt between junctions 26 (Waltham Abbey) and 27 were not disclosed by Essex Police (Theydon).

Chief Constable of the Essex Police, BJ Harrington, stated that the protests “endanger lives” and that “someone will be injured.”

Four suspects have been arrested on a charge of knowingly or recklessly producing a public nuisance, and one suspect has been arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to commit the same offense.

All are still in custody, according to the police.

The police stated: “This takes the overall number of arrests in Surrey to 16 up to this point.

Officers are conducting proactive patrols of the remainder of the M25, as they have all week.

Kent Police reported that protests in Essex were disrupting Kent-bound traffic at the Dartford crossing.

Kent Police detained a 71-year-old male from Cornwall and a 75-year-old woman from Somerset.

During just stop oil rallies, a police officer was injured due to m25 congestion.
During just stop oil rallies, a police officer was injured due to m25 congestion.

Egypt is hosting the COP27 climate meeting at the time of the disruption.

Just Stop Oil issued the following statement: “This is not a one-day event; you can anticipate us every day and everywhere.

The report also described the collision between two trucks and the police officer’s injury as “a terrible circumstance.”

The group calls for an end to fossil fuels, investment in renewable energy, and improved building insulation to prevent energy waste.

Rachel, a 75-year-old protester, uploaded a video from a gantry between junctions eight and nine.

She stated, “I am here because of my five adorable grandchildren. I want to do everything possible to rescue their future, which is in grave danger.”

Jade McCormick was on her way to the Stansted airport to board a ticket to Scotland to meet relatives she hasn’t seen since the outbreak.

She stated, “We had to make a U-turn because traffic came to a complete halt, and I missed my flight as a result. I will return home, and I may have to drive to Scotland.”

She spoke to the campaigners and stated: “I get their argument, but at this point when it’s causing accidents, it’s becoming ridiculous.

It’s ridiculous that police officers must suddenly watch the M25 when they have far more severe offenses to investigate. I do not concur with it.”

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak told world leaders at the COP27 summit that the situation in Ukraine was a reason to accelerate efforts to combat climate change.

The Metropolitan Police stated that 16 protestors had been apprehended on the highway in a coordinated operation with neighboring counties.

On Sunday, the High Court issued an injunction prohibiting protests on the M25, meaning that anyone participating in such a demonstration might be held in contempt of court.

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